3 Day Workshop



April 27, July 27 and October 19, 2019

A 3 day series of classes designed to take you from learning skills of energy healing for your body and mind to communication with your higher self and Collective Consciousness.

Where, When & How Much

Saturdays: April 27, July 27 and October 19, 2019

Shine Massage and Spa
353 6th Avenue S
Jacksonville Beach, FL  32250

Hours: 10 AM – 5 PM

(with an hour for lunch)

Cost: $650

Register for the series BEFORE April 18. Register by contacting me via email from my website.   

Registration form required prior to completion of registration process.

Payment is in two parts: 50% by April 20 and balance is due July 19.

Attendance is necessary for all three days.  All skill levels welcome.

If you are serious about:

  1.   your personal or spiritual growth, or spiritual development, OR
  2.   filling in the missing link for overall care of your body and mind, OR
  3.   your practice as a healer (acupuncturist, massage therapist etc)??

Then this class series will teach you things to deepen your skill set for healing yourself,  your clients and personally take you to the next level of strength for facing our ever changing reality.

This program will take you from a beginner using these energy skills to heal yourself to advancing you through learning to connect to higher frequencies for healing and guidance.  The root of disease or relationship conflict is in the imbalance between the energy bodies and your physical body.  First you will learn skills to quiet your body-mind for better access to your Energy Bodies. Then you will learn how to accurately connect to, heal and build up your Auric field. Working with the Auric field is how we heal the physical body.  From there you will learn to exchange Soul Readings, and learn Soul communication, Spiritual Assessment. Finally you will advance into communication with your Spirit Guides and begin Mediumship and Trance healing skills. Most important is that you will receive healing with each skill practiced and exchanged.

All skills will be learned via individual and exchange in class.  Practice is necessary at home in between class days.  There are approximately 2 months for practice.  Support is provided between class days as your questions arise.

If you have taken classes with me before, this is not review.  This program will deepen your practice to mastery of whatever skills you have learned so you can move easily into to more advanced skills.


To secure your place in this class, please place a 50% deposit ($325) by clicking the Paypal button below:-

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