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In order to help you understand my educational methods and how and why they will work to help you become increasingly self sufficient in a changing world I have set forth below a description of what I believe you need to know about how energy education works to heal your body and life.

The Basics:

This is adult education.  If a teen (under 20) has shown serious interest in and is having trouble dealing with “raw” energetic ability, I would consider them for a class.

Many adults now are able to see energy or are accessing energetic abilities of varying types.  Raw ability with energy isn’t enough to effectively and purposefully utilize the vast levels of frequencies without harming yourself or others.  It isn’t just a “fun-fact” to play with, as having energetic ability is now the most powerful healing tool humanity has.  Once you identify yourself as being empathic or seeing energy in the form of colors or other energy intelligence such as crossed over loved ones, elementals or other galactic intelligence, training the brain to work with the energies is essential.

The older you are in 2020, the more likely your brain has been conditioned by societal paradigms, religion, educational system and other secular conditioning to resist and manipulate what you see, hear, feel and otherwise sense.  Consequently, the more likely your report to a client of the message or ability to understand what they are conveying  to you, will be skewed and mis-represented.  Even if the only thing you are doing with the dis-incarnate Intelligence is transferring healing energy without interpretation, the energy can be manipulated by your field, body stresses, and brain’s conditioning.

One and Done?

 Education as it has been given to us in American society is based on taking a series of classes to reach a goal.  Education with energy skills is process oriented.  This means that while one may take a certain titled course one time, you will not be “repeating” the class when you take it again.  Teachers of energy skills must continually “stay with” the constantly changing energy. They must heal themselves via the energy Intelligence, and continually develop their relationship with Intelligence to improve our connection with them and our ability to receive the information they want us to share with our students. If we do not stay healed and updated in every way we can, we cannot be good teachers of the very skills we wish our students to embrace to help heal their lives and bodies.  When they don’t heal and update, they pass their imbalances on to their students, unknowingly.

          It used to be that mediums and teachers could get away with just doing the work for others, but that time has passed.  It is now known that doing it this way, without a central focus on self healing, skews the results of the educational and healing processes.

As energy teachers are guided by Intelligence and listening to the “beat” of the energy, they are given alterations in the way they taught the previous class of the same title or type.  The exercises used will change, the techniques will be updated and even information will change as knowledge of any subject changes over time. Even if some of the techniques or exercises seem familiar, students must realize they are working with new people and if paired with someone with whom they exchanged/traded an exercise in a previous class,  it must be remembered that everyone changes everyday when they endeavor to practice their skills and allow themselves to heal.  Each student is in a new place since they last took the class.  Absolutely nothing in our world is static anymore for more than a day. 


What my classes are about

 My classes are designed to give you both experiences to heal you and skills to take home to use in your practice.  If professional healers do not have a daily practice, it is now essential they develop and maintain a healing daily practice that has a real world application beyond the “feel-good” of a meditation session.

Passive meditation is a wonderful stepping stone and ritual. However, in order to access and effectively utilize the power of Universal energy to heal your body and transform your life into something better than your brain could ever conceptualize, the brain needs to be taught and trained into an active form of meditation called Attunement.   Active energy from the Universe is what heals us, not the passive, repeat, again and again meditation.  Passive meditation gets you ready for active meditation and many people stop there because they have come to believe to merely repeat the technique of meditation is enough.

Going beyond passive meditation and the experiences you have in the process of accessing the active energy, needs a teacher and guidance. Students have commented that as they were beginning to cross that threshold into the active energy, their brains created all sorts of misperceptions about what it was seeing and feeling and felt overwhelmed or frightened of what they were moving into. These misperceptions result from the blocks in the epigenetics, cellular and fascial memory that are events from your current life and ancestral lives.  It is these blocks that need sorting as well as the brain needs training to understand what it is experiencing and how to experience it safely and productively.  When I say “safely” I am not referring to “evil” energy as there is no such thing.  Safely refers to the how to connect to, safely download and digest into the physical body the higher frequencies that will give you the profound change to your body and life.

The skills and knowledge I download from Spirit to teach students are designed to transform the conditioned emotional, mental (belief system) and behavioral blocks that derail your ability to stay the course with a new choice you endeavor to make.  These blocks result from events that we emotionally and mentally are unable to resolve consciously.  They are blocks created by suppressed memories by the brain. The body’s symptoms act as a voice for the unresolved trauma, grief or event and through the classes I teach you will learn how to transform these types of blocks and re-rail your derailed pathways that are your deeply held frustration points in your life.

 It is the brain, it’s conditioning and resulting blocks that interferes with, skews and diminishes the frequencies that are continuously trying to download to you from and via your Eternal Self, also known as your Spirit.  Accessing your Spirit is a process that requires training because it is outside your body and is at the frequency of the speed of light or gamma ray radiation.  Your Eternal Self is your personal link to interplanetary, interdimensional Intelligence and the healing you need to put your life into balance.  It is no longer true that a physical substance, your brain might find interesting, will heal you.  It may bridge you only until you learn to access the frequency that will actually set the imbalance creating  the symptom or life drama to rest.

The main goal with my classes as Intelligence has guided me to share, is to bring you understanding, methods and skills to help you gain access to your Soul, as the gateway and then your Eternal Self.  In learning about and connecting to your Soul, you then realize blocks that seem impassable.  My classes help your transform these energies into the supportive power they were originally designed to be.  Understanding, and knowing your Soul is a priority for being able to access and safely receive the healing frequencies needing download to your physical body. Your Soul and physical body need to be in harmony for many reasons detailed in my classes and due to the way the brain becomes conditioned you need many tools to help rebalance, restore and maintain the health of the physical body. 

It is only through a healthy physical, emotional and mental body that Intelligence will allow access to the higher frequencies for healing your deeper issues and for you to access them to heal others.  They (Intelligence) won’t push us into these frequencies without a strong foundation of Soul to physical body connection and physical body health.

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Fact from Myth

 My background is one of proof.  I have always been more inclined toward having evidence of the authenticity of information being given.  My study of history, law and science have taught me that our brains can skew our opinions and that is based on our life experiences and level of unresolved trauma and grief from past events.  The understandings of the constructs of Soul, your Spirit versus, the Universal-Spirit realm, and other concepts, that I refer to in my classes, are from only my experience with Intelligence, with my “brain out of the way”.  If the brain is “off” which means brain waves are slowed to 1-3hz, then the energy of your Eternal Self can communicate, in energy (there are no words in energy language) also known as  awareness with Intelligence.  This energy information then feeds back into the heart-mind center, for when you come back into your body and brain.  Then interpretation is not needed. The words you might need to attach to the experience, flow forth without brain involvement which means that the ego or opinion is not a part of what has been experienced.

 This the process of how I learn and receive understanding, download skills, tools, and exercises,  from Intelligence that will help change your life.  It’s why I call it a “download”.  I have no thoughts while in communion with Intelligence.  It all spills out of me when pen hits paper after I am back in my body. It feels like it by-passes my brain and the words are chosen by something else because I am, at that moment still in Attunement with Them, though not at an extremely high frequency.  This is how I have come to know whether authors who speak of “heaven”, what is like or what a Soul is or does and how we heal the body, are authentic or not.  It may have been the best understanding the human brain could allow at the time the book was written but we have reached a place where the veil is thinning and it’s easier than ever to experience it for ourselves.

But I don’t want to be a medium, I just want to my life to get better!

And this is what I want for you too.  I have merely explained how it all works so you can understand why and how my classes differ from any other courses you have taken either in high school, college or C.E classes for your professional license.

The process of how I healed, how my channel opened and how I am able to help you through innovative exercises, methods, information and techniques, is the same process through which you will heal what needs it in your body and life.  It’s just a question of access.  If you come to my classes and don’t worry if you are repeating the class, you will get the healing you need in that class.  Notice I said –need–, not –want–.  In being guided by Spirit/Super Consciousness/Intelligence, you receive exactly what you need when you commit to a PROCESS and not a goal.  Want comes from ego and desire.  You will get more than you need and more than you can imagine, when you commit to class and endeavor to sit and practice the skills daily.

There is no greater satisfaction than to develop skills and a practice that will heal all the many facets of your life using the energy of your Soul and Spirit. The ability to experience the truth of your eternal and human existence, our planet and it’s place in the Universe and how our human condition up to now is a creation from choice. I hope to share the skills that make it possible for you to heal and connect to larger truth that is based in equality, beauty, peace and joy.  There really is life beyond struggle and imbalance.  My educational processes teach you how to get there.

For up to date information and details about classes, dates and their descriptions, as they frequently change, stay tuned to my blog posting on my home page.  I usually send 2-3 emails per month with links to the current blog posts about classes and other topics.
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