About Bethann Vetter

I am an energy healer/therapist as known as a trance medium.  A trance medium is a conduit (think PVC pipe) to the great power of Universal energy.  I am also a teacher of the same energy healing skills I use for myself and my clients.   I use my abilities to assist the clearing of energetic blocks in the form of emotional, mental or spiritual stress in my client’s bodies. The energy skills, methods and tools I use, remove blockages in the body-mind-universal energy connectivity resulting in clearing up old trauma, lingering grief and other unresolved sadness, depression, anxiety or other stress.  Clearing these blocks will produce heightened awareness, sense of inner peace and ability to make improved life choices and ability to resolve stressful patterns in relationships, work and overall life satisfaction.

Since I was a child, I have been sensitive to energy.  Though I did not realize what I was doing, I was transmuting energy to assist the flow of anything not moving well around me. In the past 20 years I have become aware of what I can do with energy and now can direct it to specific people and energy patterns in sessions.

How does it work? This process utilizes my kinesthetic and intuitive skill set.  Specifically,  I see energy pictures. My training has also allowed me to become a clear and authentic channel for Spirit to provide direct and timely information and high frequency healing energy to shift the client on their specific issue.  I sense and see the flow of energy or lack thereof.  I can translate this into words to help the client connect and relate to these patterns through their conscious thoughts, emotions and behaviors. The client is taught how to be an active rather than passive participant in the process of what I do with them.

The active role for the client enables them to receive what I transfer with ease and the ability to utilize it in their lives.  The energy I transfer is of a high quality that comes from the universal energy web via my body as the conduit, to the clients to reset energy flow or clear blocks.

“Our most motivating thoughts and behaviors actually come from deep within our energy system and can’t always be accessed with our conscious minds. Through my spiritual/energetic healing abilities and systematic use of an evolving skill set, I can help you find and reveal, like a mirror, the locked parts of your inner-world that need attention, love and assistance to release and resolve.” – Bethann

The missing link in the healing of any problem, stress or discord is to create better stability, flow and response rather than reaction to life’s ups and downs.  Creating this flow is best found when you access and resolve the blocked areas of your energy system.  Your energy system is your inner world and when there are blocks on the inner world, your “outer world”, life’s relationships, jobs, wellness, learning and overall life satisfaction are also impaired, stagnant or otherwise out of balance.  The key is to address the stuck areas of your inner world’s energy system and its multifaceted connections to Universal energy and all things physical in your life.

I use a combination of muscle testing, energy testing, intuitive and other Spiritual/Energetic tools to help you release blockages or miscommunications or disconnections within the human energy system or it’s connections to all things in your outer world.  Energy is the root of all things physical so when we resolve these imbalances, our physical world changes for the better.

The energetic connectivity between and amongst our Energy Bodies and the Universal Web require specific skills and tools to access. Blocks in our energy system generate a multitude of issues that create what seem to be unresolvable and insurmountable problems in any area of our life.  Our Energy connections are at the root of any problem that isn’t resolving.

Once the blocks are resolved and reconnections occur, clients are able to communicate with  their inner world and it’s guidance system.  This will make responding to life and it’s ups and downs and problem solving easier and with less over-reactiveness.  Life gets easier and over-effort is no longer required.

These educational and resolving techniques will not dig up layers of stress that you aren’t ready to deal with. You are the authority on what and how much you need to address in each session.

You will learn to become more intuitive and in tune with yourself and the process of your life. This will lead you to more peace in your life because you will be better able to make choices consistent with your dreams and goals, with more ease and less struggle. Contact me today at 904-707-5029.


I work with clients now because of my own experiences in healing my illnesses and past-wounds through the types of sessions I now offer. By healing yourself, you heal others and help to heal the world.

Here is my story…


These are a few of the areas I can help you with:
  • Improved communication and harmony in relationships (even if only one  person does the work)
  • Better ability to RESPOND rather than REACT to life’s ups and downs
  • Improvement of chronic grief/anger/guilt feelings
  • Stress management tools and skills
  • Better inner guidance communication skills
  • Easier goal setting and goal reaching
  • Prevention of dis-ease within the human energy system and Spirit
  • Improved ability to cope or overcome issues of learning disabilities
  • The energetic roots of a medical condition currently being treated
  • The energetic roots of addiction or other chronic fear pattern
  • Adjunctive assistance for issues of public speaking, test anxiety
  • Spiritual healing and spiritual development
  • Development of intuition and subtle energy
  • Heart-centered healing
  • Soul healing
  • Personal growth
  • Distance healing
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