What is the Soul?

 I often hear people talk of the Soul and Spirit interchangeably.  They are separate and distinct energies.  As I discussed on my page about Mediumship, energy creates form or matter.  As such, your Spirit creates your Soul and your body.  The Soul can be likened to an electrical substation whose job it is to take the large amount of power being made by the power plant (Source) and “step it down” so that it can used by your house without overloading the circuit breakers.

Your Spirit never enters your physical body or it would burn and destroy it because your Spirit is pure, speed of light, energy.  If a laser touches your skin, what happens?  This is why.  Your Spirit is a direct force.  It says, “Act and Act Now”, without regard to the limitations of the density of your physical body.

The Soul takes the directive of the Spirit and softens it so it is palatable to your physical body and it’s capability in it’s dense form. It slows down the directive, so to speak, so that you can take the steps necessary to get to manifest the directive your Spirit is wanting for you.  It is the captain of your ship but needs the Soul to help it manifest it’s directives in a 3D/4D body and world.

Soul Reading

Your Soul contains the essence of you.  It is your personality and your core energy and strengths and it can show you where you have been, and  what needs to come next for you. There are colors and images and much other information in various forms that provide guidance for you.  This service can stand alone and is often part of any session, especially ESRT© I do for you.

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