Self Healing Education Series

Dates to be announced as they become available.

Your Soul’s Purpose

Introductory course to discover, through experiential process, the many ways your Soul helps/heals you.

Healing with the Earth

Healing your Body with exercises to target body systems.

Healing with the Mirror of Relationships

Healing the Heart-Mind by learning the basic method and technique for healing your relationship issues.

Chakra Healing

Healing the Body-Mind and understanding it’s feedback response system.

Auric Field Healing

Healing using the auric colors as guidance and working with the auric field for healing and recharge.

Soul Power

Healing through connection to your Eternal Self, your Spirit.

In development:  Soul-Self Healing System©.

This is an energy psychology system for personal at home use to help you transform your non-conscious emotional, belief system stress.  It will involve a series of classes with healing methods, tools and skills to access the communication from your body-mind and heart-mind.

For those who have received my Epigenetic Reprogramming Technique, it will be a similar process that you will be able to do yourself.  You will learn how to energy test yourself without sabotaging the process of the system. You will learn basic information about how the brain stores and accesses memories.

It is a self-transformational system that will empower you to process and transform reactive patterns and stress we all deal with daily so that you can rise above your conditioned response and with ease, into your purposeful potential for this life.

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