Healing with Epigenetic Reprogramming

Epi-Genetic Reprogramming 

Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.  There is no matter.
-- Albert Einstein

Epigenetic means “outside of your DNA”…here’s a good breakdown on Epigenetics at Wikipedia.

Why and how can I help you from a distance?

Blocks in our personal energy system create a systematic magnetization or demagnetization for things or people we want in our lives. Eventually, if in place long enough these blocks create actual physical blocks in our lives from our physical bodies to “dead end” signs on our life’s journey.

As Dr. Einstein’s work suggested nearly 100 years ago, there is no matter, only the illusion of matter. Energy knows no time or space, it is all here and now.  It is only our perception that creates energy, time or space as linear.

Therefore, my intuitive skills and abilities and energy testing techniques know no distance or time difference.  I use an energy system testing technique I developed called, “Epi-Genetic Reprogramming (Copyright 2016)”, or ESRT for short. 

I developed this technique using a combination of my education, inborn talents and gifts,  study of ancient healing systems, training and skills in distance Reiki and the mediumistic arts. A large part of the development resulted from information I received in my meditation practice.

Because I use intuitive skills, energy distance healing and mediumistic abilities, and we are more energy than substance, this technique can be done at a distance or in person.

WHAT TO EXPECT IN AN Epigenetic Reprogramming© Session?

The short version:

We will have a gentle conversation where we will talk about the issue that you want to resolve and I will communicate with your energy and your body to rebalance and unblock. The session will take as long as it needs – about 30 to 1.5 hours in length.

The detailed version:
We will have a simple conversation with a preliminary “check in” with your energy system for blocks in the meridians, Chakras, Soul, Spirit and other non-conscious aspects, which we will together rebalance using tools your energy system indicates. This prepares and attunes you to receive the healing/block release your body and mind is desiring.

As you describe what the issue is that you want to work with, we will establish the Language of Energetic Interpretation of stated issues based upon the pictures and energy lines you are drawing with your words on the subject. We will ask your energy system what it needs to rebalance or unblock for the current level of stress.  You will perform your part of the rebalance and I will perform mine.

We will then ask your energy system to show us the places on your Timeline of Ancestry that will provide additional release to the block at a deeper level.  You will identify the ages or ancestors and their connection with the subject of distress about which you contacted me.  This is where the bulk of the transformation of energy occurs as I assist your energy system in release or rerouting the blocks from the energy pattern in place.  A healing of either direct perception, ancestor communication or direct energy transfer from the Universal Web will occur to clear the block and provide information about new options and choices for your goal, family pattern or relationship.

We will restore present awareness and ground the new energy into your present situation and again check in to rebalance body energies and make sure that resolution of this aspect of the stress energy pattern is completed.

How long is it?
The session can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours in length. Sometimes, the need may arise for discussion between sessions due to the changes going on in your life post-session. If you are having questions or need clarification of the post process of integrating the changes made in your energy system, you will contact me and I will arrange time between other sessions or after my regular hours to chat with you. You may also email me your lengthy questions.


The highest quality of energy transfer is always provided.

The changes that are made with and to the client’s energy system are dependent upon the extent of receptivity of the client. The highest quality of energy transfer is always provided.

You can expect a feeling of upliftment and improvement in the areas you requested change in and to. The priorities of the body-mind and spirit in the course of healing, are not always the priorities of our conscious thinking mind.

This means that if there does not appear to be resolved or healing to the area requested, there has been healing to another area that has gone unnoticed either by the conscious mind or it was a subconscious automatic process that needed adjustment. At some point, however, you will notice changes in some aspect of your energy body, life or mindset.

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