Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

What it is and what it is used for:

Healing with Microcurrent
…reduce pain patterns, inflammation and stress on any tissue or structure in the body.

I use a form of microcurrent called Frequency Specific Microcurrent. ( to assist clients in reduction of physical pain and for resolution of stress patterns that are stuck in the physical body tissue and causing physical and/or emotional symptoms. Stress patterns stuck in body tissue cause blocks that cause many problems including sleep problems.

FSM can treat a many other problems and conditions and reduce pain patterns, inflammation and stress on any tissue or structure in the body.  The creator of FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent), Dr. Carol McMakin has found that microcurrent works to remove the FACT of an impact (whether we are talking about emotional impact from emotionally or physically stressful events or physical impact to the body from falls or accidents) out of the specific tissues, such as fascia, that have a tendency to not correct themselves naturally.

One thing that no other form of microcurrent can do is liquify adhesions, a/k/a, scar tissue.  This is due to the ability of FSM treat specific tissues and conditions.  Such conditions as scarring, fibrosis, hardening (ossification of soft tissue due to the body pumping calcium and other minerals to the injured site to calm it down) and even sclerosis, spasm, trauma and paralysis of specific tissues can be resolved, not just relieved. Bear in mind that scar tissue is not as strong or flexible as original or stem generate tissue is.

Healing with MicrocurrentIf you have had multiple or even one surgery to an area, the body will lay down scar tissue, not original tissues, even if the healed area looks to you like your original skin. The body will also, in order to heal the area, also attach scaring to areas that it need not.  This can cause later in life lack of mobility and due to the way fascia works through out our body as an integrated system, other injuries or postural imbalance that later leads to pain and dysfunction.  The best way to avoid the scar tissue from being replacement tissue and/or minimize or eliminate excess scar tissue placement to an injured site, is to use FSM (you can own a personal unit) within 4 hours after surgery or injury.  This way your body will lay down original tissue via the stem cells that FSM helps your body generate and direct toward a surgical (or injured) site.

Removing scar tissue literally allows the original tissue in the area to function normally and allows the postural dysfunction to correct itself and therefore you will have less pain with movement.  Scar tissue is very restrictive and creates many problems and pain with the function of the musculature through the body the longer it stays in place.

FSM also treats many conditions and can reset various nervous system structures and glands.  As the nervous system is the first system to go on alert when the body is impacted, it must be reset or the injury will not completely resolve. The younger you are when an injury occurs the more likely it will seem as if it is resolved.  Later on in life, as we experience a layering of traumas to different areas of the body and the Vagus nerve and parasympathetics are not back to their normal baseline, they can assist in development of disease due to the far reaching impact the nervous system has on every aspect of our structure and physiology.

Even once you have a disease or condition, FSM can be instrumental together with a good treatment plan for diet and any other treatments of a conventional or alternative nature, to improve the symptoms of the condition or eventually resolve it.

Healing with science and spirituality
Another amazing use of FSM is what it does for cuts, fractures and burns.  Because it increases the number of stem cells circulating in the blood stream, it can heal and seal a knife cut, for example, in 48 hours provided you get the unit running on the injured site within 4 hours of the injury.  Fractures can be healed in half the normal (6 weeks) time.  Burn pain is reduced within 30-60 minutes and scarring is minimal or non-existent.   If you can’t get the unit running on the site within 4 hours, getting on there as soon as possible will still heal the area with rapid speed with original tissue and NOT scar tissue.  Scar tissue is what the body lays down in an injured area and it is not as strong or flexible as original tissue, hence the need for the stem cell production and directive to the site.
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If you develop an acute illness such as common cold, lung conditions, sore throat etc, FSM can help shorter the duration and severity of the illness.  Sometimes you will need your other medications, sometimes you won’t.  It depends upon when you are able to access treatment with a practitioner licensed to treat these conditions.
There are various types of physicians who can help you, if I cannot due to my scope of practice, with FSM and conditions like Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, PTSD, depression, immunity issues, allergic reactions,  Shingles pain, kidney stone pain, Fibromyalgia pain, chronic inflammation, neuropathies, skin anti-aging and when pain medications are not enough and hundreds more conditions and problems. As the (2018) writing of this page the Cleveland Clinic and various army hospitals are using FSM in their treatment bowel diseases, burns and PTSD.

How I work with you:

 Unlike conventional medical care, I am in touch with you several times via email, phone call or text between each treatment.  We develop a healing relationship as a team.  It is important that you are willing to communicate to me details about body changes from the treatment and to provide information as you recall it. With each treatment as the body tissue is freed from it’s pathologies, more memory will surface to serve as a guide for you and me to help you get better.  The more engaged you are with your process of healing and with me, the more profound, efficiently, and expeditiously your return to homeostatic balance will be.

 Few chronic health problems, right now, due to the history of our medical system and the poisons we are all purging right now, are simple.  There has been much  damage for decades, to the human DNA passed down from mother to child, so that the older you are, the more tangled things have become to create the layers of trauma in body tissue that require reversal and healing.

The Miracle of FSM

Microcurrent healingThe miracle of FSM means that this deep damage can be healed.  It’s not your fault.  But it will require a level of commitment from you.  A commitment of self love.  My natural abilities which I hone daily, skills, ongoing training and knowledge allow me to work with you as a teammate to get your body back to what it’s blueprint originally created.

When you book your first appointment and decide to work with me to resolution of your imbalances, I am engaged with you on several levels, and day to day to hear how things are progressing from each treatment.  This helps me and my guidance system to know what frequencies are next best treated from the vast numbers of frequencies we have and where to use those frequencies in the complexity of your body.

What you do day to day with your diet, thoughts, emotions, relationships, and extent of connection with Universal energies matters for your overall health and “stable state” that makes the treatments more or less effective and permanent more rapidly.  My work with treating you will also extend into guidance on these areas when/if needed using my other tools.  The greater your “stable state” which is what you do in your life when you are not in treatment with me,  the more rapidly you will progress back into balance.


My successful clients are team players.  They actively engage with thoughts and follow through actions to help themselves day to day.  They are willing to make changes as the energies prompt them to from within them and/or via our discussions about possible changes in diet, thought, routines and new activities.

Owning an FSM unit

Certified practicing FSM practitioners are authorized to sell two types of home use units.  You can also take the basic Core Seminar ( and purchase your own unit through them because you will have been educated about the dos and don’t and know how to program it.  Otherwise, you can still own a unit via a practitioner who can maintain it, program and reprogram it as necessary for your individual needs at home.

Owning a unit can be a tremendous asset for your home first aid kit, for acute cuts, injuries, burns and shock and trauma.  The selling practitioner will teach you what protocols to use and for what types of home injuries that occur that are not severe enough for a doctor or ER visit, but still can cause pain and limitation in the long run of your life or your child’s. Getting the unit on an injured area even when medical attention will be necessary, as you are making the doctor’s office appointment or waiting at the ER for attention, will more rapidly heal, remove pain prevent the onset of chronic inflammation and return the area to it’s original pre-injury condition. Getting medical attention, unless you are in severe danger, can take hours or days.  Owning a home unit and having an FSM practitioner on hand to help you use the correct protocol can be a great relief while waiting for medical attention.

Why prevent the onset of the Chronic Inflammatory process?

Laboratory research, via blood draws, has provided doctors with when chronic inflammation sets in and what that means for an injured area. At 4 hours post surgery or injury there are increased levels of inflammatory chemicals present in the bloodstream.  These chemicals are designed to signal to the body to “shore up” the area surrounding it with inflammation to protect it and to send scar tissue, not new tissue to the area to heal it. If you recall, your finger or other injury will stay inflamed for days to weeks after an impact.  This is why.

If you can prevent chronic inflammation by getting a unit on the injury/surgical site within 4 hours, you can reduce healing time AND have the area be healed with original tissue from stem cells, not scar tissue.  This will reduce the long term, later-in-life restrictions that injuries all over our bodies through the life time, create. This provides you will better quality of life through out the life span because you will have better flexibility, mobility and therefore comfort.

How does a treatment feel?

FSM Micocurrent healing
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Most people sense increased overall body energy.  This is the extra ATP (energy that your cells make) the FSM unit is giving you to keep the treatment going. The amount of ATP is increased by the FSM units in order to send the additional energy always needed to a site for healing it. Healing injuries takes a lot of energy from the body which is why you can often feel drained for days or weeks after an injury depending on how severe the injury. FSM solves the problem of being overly drained from the healing process because it gives you the additional energy needed without the effort of breaking down food to create energy.

Because the ATP is given during the treatment of the injury and it may give you a feeling of upliftment and extra energy, this feeling is not a signal to go do a heavy workout- or any workout– or over exert as the body needs this energy to continue healing the specific areas addressed in your treatment.  You feel SO MUCH better after a treatment it is often difficult to make yourself continue to rest and continue to behave as if you are ill or injured without the added ATP.

The treatment to the specific area, provided you have not used up the ATP given by the current, is over in 48 hours.  At that point you will notice what is left and still needs more treatment and you will notice how much things have healed beyond the original healing process usual for the body.

By the 2nd or 3rd treatment most clients report significant change in the treated area and sometimes in ancillary, subsidiary or complementary areas of the injured site.

You will not feel anything during the actual treatment. 

This is because FSM provides you with the same amount of micro-current that is made by 1 cell in your body every moment.

One μA (micro) amp is 1 millionth of a household electrical service amp.  You may think of FSM as a kind of homeopathic TENS unit that has hundreds more uses than pain control.

Side Effects

Energy Healing
FSM will err on the side of fewer results, rather than side effects.  If there are less results than desired, then an adjustment to the frequencies needs to be made.
HOWEVER, if you are not a well hydrated person (defined as a person who drinks at least 64 ounces of plain water everyday) FSM may not be as effective as you would like, and you may experience a mild to moderate headache later that day or the next morning.

In rare cases, if there is more pain, such as developing a severe type of headache like a migraine, it means that there are some underlying issues that may be more of a pervasive nature requiring a more conscious look at the energy pattern.  In these cases, I have seen that the strengthening or elevated vibration you receive with FSM, within the body tissues, will bring to the surface the deeper underlying issues that require a different type of healing to resolve the problem being treated.  There are many options for dealing with this type of result and are discussed on a case by case basis.

In order to have lasting effects, it is most effective and profitable to receive between 3 and 6 treatments of FSM over a month’s time to treat and improve any one specific condition.

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