What is Trance?

Trance part of mediumship skills.  Trance Healing is done higher frequency than mediumship and is done with less brain interaction on the part of the medium.  The medium is the person being the conduit and type of healing done is dependent upon the frequency of the energy.

Not everyone is capable of authentic trance work.  It takes practice and a certain innate mindset to surrender the use of the body and mind so that Creative Intelligence has total control to manifest and utilize vocal cords for Trance Speaking or high frequency energy transfer for healing work.

Trance Speaking

Trance Speaking is when the medium has allowed their Energy Body to be out of the way so that Creative Intelligence can have full control of their brain and vocal cords.  The purpose of Trance Speaking to provide direct healing and insightful information to the client that can only come from those with “other worldly” insight into our problems.  The medium’s voice is often altered somewhat and the words spoken are usually concise and direct on the subject requested by the client.

If you have questions that require a superior level of understanding due their complexity, or a question that you continue to struggle to answer, Trance Speaking can be an option for healing and obtaining the answer desired.  The client will feel the energy of each word and the energy radiating from the medium and know instantly the authenticity of the experience.  Who “comes through” the medium will be determined by the information being requested.  The medium has no control over who is coming through them to reach the client.

In a feedback discussion after the medium’s energy has returned to the room occurs for a few minutes after the healing session.  The medium will be able to feel the “residue” of the Intelligence who was present and some times recalls the “gist” or feeling of what was being conveyed to the client.

Trance Healing

Trance Healing is done silently.  The medium vacates their body and allows Intelligence access to their body for the purpose of high frequency healing energy transfer.   The client is seated comfortably while the medium may stand or sit for the healing.  The medium’s Energy Body can observe too and there is a feedback session about what was felt by the client and what, if anything, the medium witnessed in the process of the healing.

This healing technique can be used for any issue or problem but especially for healing stuck physical problems.

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