If you have been feeling odd or stranger than fiction things have been happening to your life, you are not alone.  The Schumann Resonance is being monitored by a Russian website.  This frequency is the EMF’s of the earth.  For millennia the frequency of the Schumann Resonance (named for Winfried Otto Schumann the Physicist who calculated it’s existence in 1952) was 7.83. This created a slow, easy flow of the pulse of the EMF’s of the earth. Some like to call this frequency the “Spirit” of the Earth—just as we have a body and spirit. 

Anthropomorphizing aside, these low frequency EMF’s have been spiking well above 7.83 for years. The spikes have become more frequent, sometimes daily, in recent weeks. 

As we are electromagnetic beings we are being effected in any and many ways from emotionally to physically.  Conditioned to rationalize our experiences, many of us are heading to the doctor’s office and undergoing tons of testing with normal results.  You haven’t become a hypochondriac, it’s just the new normal of change happening to the planet. 

 Here is a link to an article that can help explain what is happening to you:


If however you do not have a skill set such as meditation or working with pain patterns in the body and your symptoms cycle or never completely resolve there is something that your body is trying to shift in your conditioning—patterning— and your mind is resisting it.  This is what my work can help you with.

If you have developed a disease process, the new energy that is pouring down over us which is what is causing these Schumann frequency fluxuations, can help you heal faster with natural and supportive methods rather than toxic methods.

All of this is designed, as the article above references, to get us to a new and better place.  Rest, deep breathing and epigenetic work to release old pain patterns, trauma and unresolved grief is in order.  Using these tools is the pathway back to feeling a balanced. But this balance and peace will be unlike that which you have ever known.  At first it feels new and euphoric, then it feels like, well duh, this is how it was always supposed to be.  

 Thinking about it as a good thing rather than an arduous task always helps to.  We have control over how we respond and think about something happening.  We can choose to be afraid or we can choose to slow down, rest and allow the changes brought upon us because they are gift in ways we have yet to see. Be curious, like when you were a child looking for the next big adventure. 

It’s here, embrace it.

Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.
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