I offer classes to teach self healing skills, methods and techniques.  Self Healing is the only way forward in a Unity and Oneness Consciousness reality.  Some time ago we gave away our authority and power over our health, mind, body and spirit.  To reclaim it, we have to re-learn how to communicate with our inner world and it’s guidance system.  We have to learn how to connect (Attune) to forces that recharge and program our inner world and guidance system.  Choosing among all the medical, conventional or alternative options available to be serve your needs is impossible without self healing and self communication techniques.


My classes are for those interested in Spiritual Development or Personal Growth or who are committed to doing personal journey work.

My classes include titles such as Self Healing Energy skills classes which teach you skills to redevelop and deepen your connection to and ability to heal your inner world and its guidance system as well as connect to the sources which heal and recharge all the layers of your Energy Body and Soul.

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Other class titles are Energy TestingMirror of Relationships and LifeP-ESRT,  Inner World Work TechniqueMediumship Energy Transfer HealingTrance Healing,  Self Healing Diagnostic Methods and Techniques and Conducting Business from the Heart of Unity; A new business model for a 5D reality.



Rest assured, you will love my classes!  

The simplest answer, and route, to the solution is always the best one.  It doesn’t get any simpler than self-reliance and learning how to work with the simplest part of you — your Energy — Spirit, Soul, Emotional, Mental and Protective energy bodies. It’s pure, it’s unique and its all YOU.    Remember that your energy is IN FACT the strongest part of you.  It will help you more than any human ever could because they don’t really know YOU.  Only YOU know YOU.  I will show you and you will know and FEEL the SHEER BLISS of deepening your communication with, guidance and assistance from, your unique YOU— your Spirit and Soul.

For up to date information and details about classes, dates and their descriptions, as they frequently change, stay tuned to my blog posting on my home page.  I usually send 2-3 emails per month with links to the current blog posts about classes and other topics.
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