Half-Day Workshop

An Experiential Healing Class

Your Soul’s Purpose

Explore the depth and healing potential of your unique True Self, your Soul. Where is it?  What is it? How do I communicate with it?  What does it do for me?  How do I work with it? What can it do for me in my day to day life?  How is it different from my spirit?  These and many other questions will be answered as your experience and deepen your connection to and learn to better communicate with your Soul.

Working with the Soul begins with the Heart Space and it’s connection to earth’s crystalline grid and other 5D energies within the earth.  Learn why, how and connect heart, earth and soul energies to create harmony in your life.

The Soul is vast and has great depth.  Through experiential methods and exercises you will develop a working relationship with your Soul Energy. You will receive knowledge, methods, tools and exercises to take your journey beyond this class and into your daily practice.

          Come connect with more of the True You to bring harmony to your life and alignment of your Heart and Soul to the Earth.

Where, When & How Much

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Location: Holiday Inn Express,
1101 Beach Blvd,
Jacksonville Beach, FL
904 435-3000

Hours: 11AM – 5 PM

Cost: $155.00

Register for the series BEFORE March 19, 2020.

Register by contacting me via email from my website.

All skill levels welcome.

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