Merging Science and Sprituality

To Heal your Body & your Life

Improve Relationships, heal unresolved old trauma, grief and long standing stress of all types, and learn to self heal through Attunement Energy Skills.

Bethann can assist you via individual sessions or classes to clear up the nagging self doubt and unresolved stress to restore your inner world and it’s power.   “As within, so without”, Bethann will guide you to heal, know and utilize your full potential from the inside out.  Your life and relationships will heal and change to bring you more of the joy and peace you have been seeking in your body, relationships and life interests.

“Whatever it is, it just needs more Light”

Eamonn Downey, 43 year British Medium and Teacher

Distance Healing

Energy Healing knows no boundaries.  Bethann’s energy work with you will be a composite of ESRT© and other intuitive energy skills listed in the Distance Healing drop down or a specific request.

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In-Person Sessions

Energy Healing can be done in person, if the individual feels they need it this way.  All services available Distance are available in person too.

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Microcurrent Treatments

Microcurrent assists clients in reduction of physical pain and for resolution of stress patterns that are stuck in the physical body tissue. It treats a variety of problems and conditions and reduce pain patterns, inflammation and stress on any tissue or structure in the body.

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I have so much gratitude for you and your work, it is a total game changer! You change lives.

M Joel, 35

How does it work?

“This process utilizes my kinesthetic and intuitive skill set.  Specifically,  I see energy pictures. My training has also allowed me to become a clear and authentic channel for Spirit to provide direct and timely information and high frequency healing energy to shift the client on their specific issue.  I sense and see the flow of energy or lack thereof.  I can translate this into words to help the client connect and relate to these patterns through their conscious thoughts, emotions and behaviors.”

“The client is taught how to be an active rather than passive participant in the process of what I do with them.”

“The active role for the client enables them to receive what I transfer with ease and the ability to utilize it in their lives.  The energy I transfer is of a high quality that comes from the universal energy web via my body as the conduit, to the clients to reset energy flow or clear blocks.”

All humanity, regardless of gender, race, color or religion, is a connected energy system which is then connected to greater source of energy or universal web.  When you focus on, process and release your stress about your personal life issues, you look, feel and behave with vim, vigor and enthusiasm.  This shift in how much happier you are is literally contagious because it clears a path for others to do the same while raising the vibration of Collective Consciousness. When anyone makes change to their deeply held stress programs, it simultaneously affects all life embodied or not.   Your issues are of great importance to you and to the great many who also share them.  Clearing them up so you can make better choices is the most important work you can do for humanity!

— Bethann Vetter

Taking Back Your Core Essential Self

Taking Back Your Core Essential Self

The changes within you and the new Earth are happening rapidly now.  The transition from living from a perception of living from rules, control and fear (3D) to one of heart-centered living (5D) where the only rules are live and let live, self respect which extends to...

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Unseen Worlds as Guide and Protector Offering Assistance

Unseen Worlds as Guide and Protector Offering Assistance

This is channeled information via my trained and honed connection to Interdimensional Consciousness.  Whom speaks through me is of little importance and in fact can vary day to day.  What is important is the perspective They offer us to help us learn and navigate a...

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Heart Healing Energy

Heart Healing Energy

The new energy of the new earth, the new reality is here.  It arrived in the stillness of a late April morning.  It feels free and easy.  The dark is gone.  As the frequency continues to raise on earth, daily and with pulses higher weekly, this past week and the weeks...

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Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter

About Bethann Vetter

I am an energy healer/therapist as known as a trance medium.  A medium is a conduit (think PVC pipe) to the great power of Universal energy.  I am also a teacher of the same energy healing skills I use for myself and my clients.   I use my abilities to assist the clearing of energetic blocks in the form of emotional, mental or spiritual stress in my client’s bodies. The energy skills, methods and tools I use, remove blockages in the body-mind-universal energy connectivity resulting in clearing up old trauma, lingering grief and other unresolved sadness, depression, anxiety or other stress.  Clearing these blocks will produce heightened awareness, sense of inner peace and ability to make improved life choices and ability to resolve stressful patterns in relationships, work and overall life satisfaction.

Since I was a child …



Most Powerful Healing Tool

I have practiced yoga for 40 years and I have been a professional bodyworker for 35 years. I have studied Tai Chi and QiGong. I have sat in meditation with Buddhist Monks and Indian Yogi’s. I’ve had experience with various forms of psychotherapy, breath work, and many energy modalities. I can honestly say that the One Brain® technique as Ms. Vetter practices it is the most powerful healing tool I have encountered on my journey. It gets to the source of the problem or dysfunction more quickly and with more substantial results than anything else I’ve experienced. One Brain® is a uniquely powerful mind/body technique that will propel you on the journey to wholeness. If you truly want to get to the root cause of what ever mental, emotional or physical problem you are dealing with, and resolve it, have One Brain® sessions with Ms. Vetter.

— Tim Reep, LMT

My Headaches Are Gone!

For the past two years I suffered from headaches.  They have been severe and constant and included migraine headaches.  Medications were barely taking the edge off.  I was faced with having to spend more out of pocket money I did not have on a medication my doctors wanted me to try.

I was referred by an acupuncturist to Bethann for a One Brain™ session.  In one session my headaches disappeared.  I was pain free for the first time in years.  The One Brain™ System session was a powerful experience for me.  If you can’t seem to rid yourself of a chronic problem like I had, try a One Brain™ defusion session.

Karna Wulf

The Answers I Was Searching For

I happened to be in Jacksonville with a friend and heard about the One Brain® System and what it can do.  I thought One Brain® might be able to help me answer some questions that were turning over in my mind.  I had a session and was pleasantly surprised.  All of the answers were inside of me just waiting to come out and I feel like Bethann shined a light down into my soul so they could appear to me.  I recommend the One Brain® System for helping you find the answers to your questions.

Rosie  B.  Age 23,  Law School Student at the University of Hawaii

Healing from Chronic Pain

Several months ago I was in a car accident in which I sustained injuries to my neck, shoulders and back. My injuries began a slow healing process using physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and neurological treatment. However, my neck and especially my left shoulder continued to be a source of chronic pain and discomfort. I was referred to Bethann by my massage therapist for microcurrent. With the microcurrent treatment I finally began to get relief from the shoulder and neck discomfort, but only for a few days after each treatment. Since it was not as lasting as I needed it to be, Bethann suggested trying a One Brain® session. During the series of sessions following, and occasionally using microcurrent too, my shoulder pain and discomfort diminished for longer and longer periods of time. When I went back to my physical therapist, acupuncturist and neurologist they agreed that working with Bethann had played a pivotal part in bringing the balance and harmony to my whole body. The One Brain® sessions were a missing component in my overall healing.

— S. Cook, retired accountant

Relief from Ulcerative Colitis

When I met Bethann I was suffering from severe bout with Ulcerative Colitis. I had some other major stressors as well. I was using the bathroom 25-35 times per day and another 8-12 times at night. I saw her for both the FSM-Frequency Specific Microcurrent and theOne Brain® energy work and not only did my stress level begin to come down but over a period of a couple of months the number of times I needed to use the bathroom decreased significantly. I had done my own research and found a strict diet that would assist in healing my colon. In combination with Bethann’s tools for healing my stress patterns, in six months, I was using the bathroom only 12-18 times per day during the day and 3-4 times at night. It has been a year since I started working with her and I feel like I have been given my life back. I am now using the restroom 6 times a day and once or not at all at night. Other stress producing areas of my life that I thought would never change are beginning to reshape as well. I will be forever grateful for the experience I have had with Bethann’s work.

— J. Mansen, Jacksonville Beach business owner

Seeing & Feeling Life in a New Way

I began having FS Microcurrent with Bethann for a repetitive stress injury I had been contending with for nearly 5 years involving my neck, collarbone and hands. I had daily pain in my hands which made working difficult and painful on most days. After six weeks of treatment I had very little pain if any in my hands while doing massage on clients. The collarbone and neck pain resolved. As the hand pain was not completely staying resolved, we added in the ESRT/Subtle energy work she uses especially with chronic pain patterns and other life stressors. The layers of long term pain and despair I had kept at bay started to dissipate, I started to see life in a new way, and to see myself completely differently. My hand pain is much more manageable and I am not in the extreme and chronic pain I once was. I am grateful for the experience with her work because life feels better then it has in decades! While there is still more work to be done I feel as though Bethann has given me…me.  

— T.W. , Business owner and Massage Therapist, Jacksonville, FL

Profound ESRT Sessions

I have to say, the ESRT sessions I am having since your training this January (2017) are quite profound. 

–Sheri B., Sound Healing Practitioner, Jacksonville, FL

Phone Sessions Bring Healing Relationships

After having only 4 phone ESRT sessions with you over 3 months, I had finally had positive encounters with my mother, my ex and my daughter– they were friendly too.  Wow!  All I did was work with you and I experienced a vibe-shift in my world that changed these relationships.  THANK YOU for all your help.

— Nancy K., Insurance Professional & Mom

"Helped More Than Psychotherapy"

The (ESRT) sessions I have had with Bethann have helped me more than 10 years of psychotherapy!

– Megan W. age 41, DNP, ARNP, Nurse Practitioner, Jacksonville Beach, FL

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