DistanceHealingWhy and how does Distance Healing work?

Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.  There is no matter.
-- Albert Einstein

Energy knows no boundaries.  We have all had the experience of thinking of someone and then they call us.  Think of your body like your personal computer.  It is connected to the world wide web via your wireless internet connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Likewise, your Energy Body is always connected to the Universal Web and because of that connection you are also always connected to everyone else too.  Those friends and family closest to us have a more “direct” line  so-to-speak and as such we connect more rapidly and easily to them.

When you make an appointment with me and we connect via the phone at that appointed time, you and I are focused on each other.  Thus the energy line between us, and between you and the Universal Web, is made stronger; you can receive the healing you need.

I developed this technique using a combination of my inborn abilities of sensitivities to minute changes in energy fields, direct and intuitive perception, information sorting/epiphanies, education, study of ancient healing systems, training and skills in distance Reiki and the mediumistic and trance healing science. My ability to receive guidance, and transformed energy designed especially for you, and the transfer that energy to you, is what reshapes your epi-genetics/inner world reality which in turn reshapes what comes to you in your life with greater ease. A large part of the development resulted from receipt of transformed energy, healings and information I receive ongoingly, in my meditation practice.

This technique is done over the phone.  A computer with email capability is necessary for the possible receipt of information during the session.

Because I use a combination of my sensitivity level, intuitive, direct perceptive, other energetic sensory skills, mediumistic/trance healing frequency abilities, and we are more energy than substance, this technique can be done at a distance or in person. In fact, my distance work can be quite profound for the receptive individual.

What does “Epi-Genetic” mean to you as the client?

“Epi” means around. Genetic means the DNA pairs that make up the blueprint of your genes and who you are all on all levels.  Research has shown in recent years that the energy around the DNA pairs influence the expression of the pairs themselves and hence influence all your levels of expression from your body, your choices and behaviors and it’s wellness or not, to what you are attracting into your life.  These energies around the genetics or Epi-genetics, act like little magnets attracting or repelling what we want or don’t want in our lives.

As I opened more during my healings over the past 18 years, my inborn abilities and the ability to see events, situations and stress around the DNA pairs surfaced.  This is what enables me to assist you in transforming the stress that research has shown is carried through from generation to generation and can create stress and blockages, family patterns, and other road-blocks to your body and life’s wellness.

However, any stressful event, person or situation in your lifetime also makes changes to the energy around the genetics which can in turn, if left unresolved get transferred to your next generation.

Helping you transform these and other energy aspects of your personal energy system is what clears the path for the block to unblock and keep it unblocked.

This technique is done over the phone.

A computer with email access is needed.

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