Hospice Assistance

(Facilitating the crossing over someone who is at end stage of life or in extreme pain in the later stages of a disease process)

This service is a donation based service as it is assisting the dying in their transition out of their body and re-entry into the Energy Realm.  Donations are not needed, only given if desired.

Transition AssistanceWhen I became a Hospice volunteer,  more than a decade ago, as a massage therapist and Reiki healer, I found it easy to be of assistance to the dying person. Many of my assigned patients were at end stage.  Often, with simple companionship, listening to music and chatting, within hours of my departure from the patient they were able to peacefully cross over.  I had no idea what exactly I was doing as many times there wasn’t healing modality applied to them.

In recent years, with my expanding skill set with Trance Healing skills, I have been able to be of direct assistance to those in pain in the end stage of life or who are struggling to cross over.  Struggling would be identified by the patient’s non-responsiveness for days with some but not all signs that death was imminent.  With my current skill level I can see that this is when their Energy Body is literally stuck, usually due to a very human emotional stress that is unresolved.  With my ability to communicate with their Energy Body which is struggling to be free of the physical body, I am able to ask what they need and provide the healing that will facilitate better choice for their Energy Body.

My work with them does not “make” them cross over/die, no one can do that except by illegal means.

My work as Medium Trance Healer is that I get my personality and Energy Body out of the way so that their loved ones, guide or other Intelligence can work through my body in order to help them.  I often do not see what has transpired in the process, I am merely directed and allow the healing to come through me so that either the pain is eliminated or reduced or they are able to cross over.  My beliefs and personality have no involvement in what they receive and what transpires.  I am a mere conduit.

Because they are at a delicate stage, no matter what their belief system during life about where they are going or any other belief, as we are all made of energy and energy transforms easily due to physics laws, they are more aware Spiritually/Energetically, than during their conscious, pre-diseased life and are able to receive energy healing more expeditiously.   This is a relief for them as they are usually confused as to why they can see so much on both sides of the veil yet can’t break free to move on into peace and transition to the next phase of their existence as pure energy.

I can do a combination of distance Trance work for them, if I am not in their geographic location, or can go to their bedside.  Sometimes Guidance asks me to utilize both distance and in person healing modalities.  Distance work is the same as in person work but is sometimes stronger.

Donations can be made by any form of payment.  If credit card is requested, contact me and I will provide an invoice via my invoicing company Paypal or the like.
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