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Mediumship is the ability of a person to open the channel we all have and for the exclusive purpose of bringing healing energy to the recipient. Mediumship has several skills within it. There is Evidential Mediumship and Trance Healing Mediumship. Both Evidential and Trance Mediumships events are sacred spiritual and healing events.  Though there are a few mediums on television in the United States doing mediumship for entertainment purposes, this is not the intent of my work of mediumship demonstration.  My demonstrations are healing events only. In countries other than the United States, these are also healing events and not entertainment.

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Trance HealingEvidential Mediumship is the ability to allow the healing energy of a Loved One in Spirit to flow to their still embodied descendent in an audience or private session/reading. The evidence given, age at passing, cause of passing, personality, message, and any other details the medium can directly receive from the Loved One are merely the vehicles by which the Loved One is using to help their descendent recognize them and open them for the healing they wish to provide to them. The big gift of any form of mediumship is the transfer of healing energy. The 2019 version of mediumship, compared to previous forms is the transfer of healing energy.  The evidence is incidental.  We are at a stage of human evolution where humanity is learning from where all healing actually comes.  It doesn’t come from other people or a substance we ingest but from the vibration of frequency that is at the root of all creation. Bethann does not request specific Loved Ones as the Intelligence/Oneness is what decides who’s Loved One comes through for an audience member.

The other type of Mediumship Bethann uses in demonstration is called Trance Healing.  This is where no identification of the Loved One in Spirit are given to the medium or recipient as the medium is a channel for the flow of healing energy that will provide healing to each audience member.

Deeper healing for each person can occur at these events.   This is because when the medium does not need to be communicating with Spirit and give evidence, the frequency is higher and can be directed to each audience member, through their channel healing each person and their individual life dilemmas.

There can also be Trance Speaking at Trance Healing events.  This is not the same as a Loved One communicating through a medium.  Trance Speaking occurs when the medium has learned how to allow Spirit Intelligence to utilize the medium’s vocal cords and speak directly to the audience. Spirit Collective speaking through the medium is done to provide answers to philosophical questions posed by select audience members.  

Spirit Collective are both individual Intelligence which includes Loved Ones and other Intelligence that some might call Masters or Guides, Angels or other Intelligence.  These are the Spirit speakers who can come through at a Trance Healing event.  The medium has no advanced knowledge of who will speak through them as this is determined from Spirit Intelligence with no ego input of the medium.  The ego and personality of the medium is not needed or a part of the mediumship process. When all goes well and the medium’s personality is out of the way completely, this is when Spirit Intelligence has the most access to and can provide the highest level of healing to each person in the room.  This is always my main goal as a medium.

Please note. These events are not magic or designed to predict the future.  Healing of the highest frequency possible is and should always be the only thing that comes from the ability of a medium to give evidence and manifest healing energy from the Loved One in Spirit to the audience recipient. The skill of mediumship is both an art and science. It is art as the medium must learn how to work within their body and mind to mute/pause their use of the physical body and brain to allow the flow of this energy through them.  It is a science as it deals with frequency and the timeless nature of energy as the root of all creation as Einstein understood it;  Matter is energy and energy is matter.


Public readings are different from any private sessions you have with me for fairly obvious reasons.  Spirit will not get personal but will seek to send energy to the recipients that might be of a more personal nature, while words that come to me from your Loved One in Spirit will be more general and less personal.

For those of you who have never attended a Demonstration of Mediumship, I will be seated about 15-20 feet from the audience and will stand and move about as I provide evidence, messages and healing.  Please do not get up and attempt to move toward me or interact physically with me.  Please remain seated for the duration of the event.

Please see this link for more information about the differences between mediumship and necromancy:  Demystifying mediumship blog post

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