Wellbeing, Spiritual and Self-Healing Coaching

I use the world Wellbeing, instead of wellness in this Coaching service as the strict definition of Wellbeing is, the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. Wellness is defined as a state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.    My work with you is designed to assist you on your journey; it is not a goal seeking directive.   Pursing physical/mental health as a goal is not the point of life.  Physical and mental health imbalances point to a deeper imbalance that requires an energy reading skill set which is much beyond knowledge of foods or exercise for good mental or physical health.   I assist you in being not just healthy and happy but comfortable on your journey as forcing the body into either health or happiness will cause other and deeper imbalances in the long run.

Your Wellbeing and balance is complex and requires using all the skills I have to keep you comfortable and perhaps happy too, not just healthy, as your move through your life.

I use the words Spiritual and Self-Healing in the title of my Coaching service because Self Healing indicates that I coach you in staying on the course of reclaiming your ability to attain truth, rather than belief system from your inner world and guidance system.  I coach you to remain proactive and the only authority and creative force in your life.  Spiritual is in the title because we are more energy than matter/substance and therefore the energetics of the issue on wish you require assistance outside of the other services I offer is the most important to address for the relationship or situation to resolve or keep moving toward resolution.

As  practical matter  you may sometimes after the healing received in a Spiritual Assessment,  ESRT© or One Brain® session have difficulty making the new choices the healing is prompting you make so a more conscious kind of session/healing is required to keep you comfortable and enjoying the changes you are receiving via my other work or from your personal self healing work.   Sometimes to help you see the patterns you are working on resolving and make the choices in line with that resolution process, you might need a little help staying on track in the course of dealing with a life problem such as moving your home or how to in day to day choice making or dealing with challenging individuals may need assistance to keep you moving and prevent obstacles from developing.

Most of my coaching clients are those who are pursing my self healing classes and/or utilizing other healing techniques I offer and as such are receiving these coaching sessions between classes or sessions to minimize back slide or help with certain challenging situations.

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