One Brain® System

All you have to know to have a One Brain® session is that you want things to be better in your life.

The One Brain® system is a kinesiology (muscle testing)  method of working with the whole of a person including the physical body energy to elevate awareness while releasing non-conscious stressors. We are then able to find the answers to our deepest questions and solve any problem we have be it physical, social, economic, relational or spiritual. It brings our awareness back to the balance or imbalance of our inner world and it’s effect on our outer world struggles. The One Brain® System is a form of Specialized Energy Kinesiology we call Stress Testing,  designed to teach through muscle energy corrections, response to life’s struggles rather than reactivity.

Common problems clients work on through One Brain® are:

  • Learning disabilities
  • chronic negative emotions
    (anger, rage, fear, depression etc.)
  • habitual patterning disorders
  • poor grades
  • chronic muscular tension
  • loss of libido
  • constant irritability
  • lack of interest in life
  • difficulty expressing feelings
  • chronic frustration
  • sweating disorders
  • food cravings
  • regular indecisiveness
  • sense of isolation
  • aggression
  • low self-esteem

These are only a few of the vast sea of issues that can be addressed by The One Brain® System through workshops and private sessions. In fact, there does not need to be a name for what is going on in order to learn to do or receive this work. All you have to know to have a One Brain® session is that you want things to be better in your life. Any problem or situation in which you believe you have no choice there is usually underlying negative e-motional imbalance or stress.

When you want something in your life you have to first learn to BE it or order to attract it.

— Gandhi

In Person One Brain Session

Individual Session:        $125.00

includes 15 minutes post session debriefing, email or phone call if needed.  If the post-session debriefing phone call or email exchange goes is in excess of 15 minutes, each additional 15 minutes is billed at $25.00 per 15 minutes. 

Intersession Coaching phone calls are billed at $30.00 for the first 15 minutes and $25.00 for each additional 15 minutes.


More About One Brain®


One Brain®:

Most people report a sense of relief or “lightness” at the end of the session. However, sometimes in the days that follow a session you may experience any number of things. You may feel better than you have in years or you may have some strange or uneasy feelings. This is normal since the energy shift in your brain and body may be taking some time to restructure and heal you. The changes you chose to make in your session are permanent and in your highest good. These feelings will pass and your behavior or symptoms will improve in ways you couldn’t have imagined. The experience of this work is individually unique. The longer you work with this system you will notice how your integration changes and how connected one defusion is with the previous and the next. You will notice how while feeling relief from a particular issue then leads you to “bring up” the next issue to be dealt with. We are multifaceted beings and our patterns and stressors are woven together over the course of our lives.

The earlier in your life you begin this process of unraveling the web of locked up non-conscious stressors, the more illness you prevent and the sooner you are free from your symptoms. The system will work with any age of individual but it is helpful to realize that if you have had a problem for 20 years, it may take more than one session to clear it up. I have seen elderly people resolve an issue in one session and I’ve seen young people have many sessions to resolve an issue. It all depends on your unique timing on that issue. The process itself is easy and gentle. However, what you perceive about it is your perception at that time based upon any resistance you might have to the process of change itself.

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When working with micro-pathways of energy and other levels of awareness, using the One Brain® system, there is an integration effect that occurs. Your integration duration and experience is dependant upon many factors.

The initial integration period, determined at the end of a session, is the period during which the changes, made to your energy system, become more connected to the physical body. This means that the energy changes made to neural pathways or cellular memory or other micro-pathways of the energy continue to interrelate or re-relate and disconnect or reconnect as the wisdom of the body, based upon the changes made, sees fit. This continues down to the physical level thereby influencing physiological body processes, physical pain and so on. This is only an initial integration. Integration continues on as you move through time making new choices consistent with what you and your body-mind learned during the session. With each new defusion the process of integration continues to realign and reconfigure your energy system and the signals it sends to body processes. As the healing process unlayers the onion, so the integration process recalculates and realigns with each layer the new information.

What is the One Brain® System?


This technique was created by Daniel Whiteside and Gordon Stokes originally to assist in correcting the Negative Emotional Stress that causes Dyslexia and learning disabilities of all kinds. Using tools they created such as the Behavioral Barometer (go to to view this tool as it is copyrighted material), Structure Function and Clear Circuit Stress Testing (a unique form of muscle testing) they created the One Brain® System. A facilitator is trained to use a body of information from which to ask the client’s body-mind, through One Brain’s® unique form of muscle testing, a series of questions. In essence the client is being taught how to communicate with the non-conscious, non-thinking parts of their body and mind in order to gain insight into why a stressor is present in their lives. Once insight is gained, corrections are made at the age of cause in a process called a defusion. Once this is complete and the client re-examines the present time situation, they find that not only do they have a different perspective on that situation but there is actual physical change. Physical change can be resolution of the underlying cause of pain or other symptom, improvement or disappearance of a learning problem, a sudden new insight or option for resolution to a problem, or a new level of unshakable assurance in proceeding forward toward a goal.

In essence the client is being taught how to communicate with the non-conscious, non-thinking parts of their body and mind in order to gain insight into why a stressor is present in their lives.

What is a Defusion?

A “Defusion” is a word coined by Daniel and Gordon to refer to the process that goes on in the brain during a One Brain®session and it is used as another way to refer to a One Brain® session. It is both a verb and a noun. The Oxford American Dictionary defines the word “defuse” as “to remove the fuse of, to make (an explosive) unable to explode. 2. to reduce the dangerous tension in (a situation).” This definition describes what is going on in a One Brain® session. It is very different from “diffusion” which means to scatter or spread.

When we experience an event that creates emotional upheaval for us whether we acknowledge our true feelings or not, our brain “fuses” the heat generated by the stress in our bodies to the memory of that event. The fused stress to the event then sets up a pattern of behavior. From then on every time our brains see a situation as having the same or similar issue as the original event, our bodies and minds will react exactly the same way as they did that first time. You might think in some situations this would be beneficial; in most it is not. The unresolved stress (heat) from an event that we carry around with us because we didn’t understand how or why something happened to us, is what keeps us from making new choices in a present time (new) situation and moving beyond our perceived limitations.

In the course of a One Brain® session the client accesses through stress testing, to locate the past event that has echoed into the present and is creating stress in their present time life. The client is taught to evaluate the situation and see how it is related to the present time situation. The client’s body-mind then selects from a body of corrections that help him/her gain new or deeper insight into the situation thereby releasing (“de-fusing”) the heat that was fused to that memory. The client can sometimes feel the heat release from the memory in the form of a heat or other sensation. The event is then perceived both by the conscious and non-conscious mind as neutral; without positive or negative consequences. After there is no more stress remaining on that issue the client returns to the present time issue to see how things are changed and different. The client is then “freed” to make new choices because the body-mind is no longer triggered in present time by a past event.

A defusion always brings permanent positive change and some of the change is felt immediately and by the end of the session. A defusion is how we go back and understand why and how a situation happened to us and gain clarity both intellectually within the brain on all other more visceral as well as energy levels of us. Often the client is surprised by the event they remember and never realized a particular aspect of it before. In fact, many people report ‘I thought I’d dealt with that’ already. Certainly they had, but it was an intellectual process not the whole body-mind and heartful understanding that a defusion brings.

This manner of defusing our past stressors enables our awareness to come forward, giving us the answers we need to help us dissolve our dis-stresses in our lives. The issues that are addressed include but are not limited to: physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, mental, learning disabilities, personal or professional relationship issues. To “resolve” means, according to The Random House Dictionary of the English language, ” to clear away or dispel (doubts or fears)”. This means that the One Brain® method clears away self-doubt and/or fears of the past so new choices can be made that support reaching your highest potential or whatever other goals you have set for yourself.

The overall philosophy of the One Brain® System emphasizes choice, making the client the source of information, identification of the problem and ultimately the solution.


Is this like a counseling session?

No, not at all:

The One Brain® System is not talk therapy. In fact, it is not necessary for the client to verbalize the issue they have chosen to work on in a given session. It is the choice of the client as to how much or how little they verbalize. The system actually works best with less, rather than more, verbalization. When the sessions are conducted in accordance with the instruction provided by the faculty at 3in1Concepts, it is not a psychological or therapeutic process.

The purpose of psychology is to look at the emotions of a person and help them restore normal mental balance. However, the psychological model has no way to identify the cause of the emotional imbalance from the past in a direct manner. Psychology also is a highly conscious process that will eventually, over time, reveal subconscious truths. It uses psychoanalysis which is defined by The Random House Dictionary of the English Language as: “a technical procedure for investigating unconscious mental processes and for treating psychoneuroses’. It can take years for the “truth” of an event to come out of the unconscious part of the mind through this system psychological processes.

The One Brain® System assists the individual in directly identifying a piece of the past truth causing the present time distress and/or or cycling of a pattern in each session. In workshops more pieces of the past’s puzzle come into awareness causing several epiphanies to occur over the course of the workshop.

The unique muscle testing technique created by 3in1 Concepts gives reliable and direct verification of an event about which the client is troubled; thereby getting to the client’s “truth” quickly, yet gently and at the client’s pace and desire. Once the truth is revealed new choices can be made that change how the body-mind responds to that deeply held memory.

In my personal experience I have seen a complementary effect using both psychological counseling and the One Brain® System. Clients have told me that the counseling helps them to define the issue to be defused in a One Brain® session. It also helps them take what they’ve learned in a session and then with their counselor they are able to apply it to their lives in a more expansive way. Clients have also reported how getting past a stuck area then allows them with their counselor to deepen their therapy so as to reach the next level of mental health through the conscious processing offered via psychotherapy.

However, the One Brain® System stands on it’s own as well. Many clients, not currently in therapy and who are adept at managing their conscious process, leave the One Brain® session consciously prepared to make application of the change to their lives. It does not require the use of counseling as a complement to it just as counseling does not require the use of any other method to make it effective as well.

Many clients leave the One Brain® session consciously prepared to make application of the change to their lives.


In order to deal with a physical symptom, Psychology or Psychiatry offers medication. Medication is relief and can provide a break from the cycling symptom but it is not resolution. The One Brain® System offers an alternative avenue through which to influence the body-mind unit to provide better relief or possible resolution to the symptom by influencing the multifaceted and interwoven pathways and micropathways not yet understood by conventional medicine. The method’s unique access techniques empower the client to locate specifically where the energy blockage is and simultaneously release it. This blocked pathway is created when a stressful event is experienced and the individual doesn’t have complete resolve about why and how it happened. The stress or “heat” of the inner being’s e-motional struggle for resolution is what creates the blockage when it is fused the memory of the event. The individual carries this around with them long after they have consciously forgotten about the event.

The techniques of One Brain® assist the client in having access to the memory that created the present time issue and remove or “de-fuse” the “heat” from that memory. When this is removed the client naturally sees what the event meant and how it happened; clarification. After the session and out in the world again the client is less apt to go into stress on that issue and others related to it because that event has become a learning experience and is no longer considered by the body-mind to be stressful. The “heat” has been removed so an energy blockage and therefore a symptom may no longer exist.

Most talk therapies are limited to conscious relief whereas The One Brain® System allows access to the point of non-conscious energy blockage. Talk therapies often require great effort by the patient outside the session. The relief from the session lasts only until another situation occurs that reminds the brain of the long forgotten stressful event and then the individual must gather all his strength to resist a “bad” reaction. At that point the brain creates the same pattern of stress even if the situation is a new opportunity that the individual consciously wanted to create. So the negative e-motional stress from the causal event that remains in place, with it’s negative expectations and attitudes, will go unchanged until the past situation is clarified and “de-stressed”/defused.

Psychology and talk therapies offer wonderful conscious level coping skills but it often happens that this is not enough to get the client past their internal struggle. When one uses mantras, positive thinking, meditation, prayer or other forms of conventional stress management, the stress is only removed temporarily; hence the need to repeat these corrective measures over and over. If the causal event is identified and defused using the One Brain® System then the stress, in relation to that particular subject, is permanently removed and will not recur in the same way again.

While this kind of change can happen in talk therapy, it generally takes much longer. The unique methods of the One Brain® System offer the client the opportunity to make positive change in a shorter period of time.

The communication is with the WHOLE PERSON's energy system--body, mind, spirit and beyond-- and not just the mind or the body.


In a “de-fusion” session, the consultant/facilitator assists the client in learning to communicate with their body-mind. The communication is with the WHOLE PERSON’s energy system–body, mind, spirit and beyond– and not just the mind or the body. It is the client that learns to “feel” their body answer questions and does their own “self-analysis”. The consultant/facilitator says very little during a session unless the client needs clarification about something they have read or needs a question asked in a different way. Therefore, this work is comprehensive because of it’s ability to work beyond the thinking mind and into the body’s cellular memory to permanently release the heat resulting from the held memory. It is a method by which an individual is educated to access and defuse their own life issues in order to permanently remove the root cause of their present time stress.

If an individual is very ill or chronically stressed, this means that the number of unresolved and “heated” areas within the memory stores of their body-mind has snowballed and they are literally triggered very frequenly, sometimes every day. This means that the individual is best served from doing private sessions initially but most importantly taking the classes to get better more rapidly.

Talk therapy is a valuable tool and has many assets that the One Brain® System does not have. I have had positive results in using counseling for reflective dialogue to assist me seeing the deeper issue that need resolution through the tools of the One Brain® System. The One Brain® System is an essential complement to any other tool/modality/therapy you are using to create better health and balance in your life and in your life’s relationships.

Why would I want to have sessions or take workshops?

The One Brain® System has many and far reaching benefits. Because it is an educational process, it enables the individual to begin a process of taking better care of themselves on all levels, mind, body and spirit. The workshops teach the method so that anyone can learn it. The workshops work on issues that are universal to all people. Universal issues are patterns of behavior we all fall into at one point or another that create stress and keep us from creating the life we want. Private sessions are necessary for anyone who wants to work on any issue whether it is universal or not. There are many benefits to doing both workshops and sessions.

If you have ongoing problems with any area of your life you would benefit from sessions and workshops. Ongoing problems are things such as going in and out of debt, never feeling satisfied with your work life, difficulty staying in long term relationships, learning issues, fears that keep you from something you know you want or need, a permanent or chronic medical condition; difficulty getting over a or many relationships that have ended; general dissatisfaction in life, habits that are unhealthy for you such as drinking too much or sleeping too much or eating too much; inability to lose weight, annoying physical symptoms such as recurrent colds or flu; lack of ability to take responsibility or taking on too much responsibility. You can see that the list could go on and on. If there is something in your life that has never been what or the way you want it then this method can help you find out why and make the changes, within you, so you can attain that goal. This work helps you answer the whys and hows of your life and body-mind communication. It helps you gain insight into your life.

One Brain® can also help you prevent creating huge life problems by gaining insight through it’s technique and method. If you are a younger person who doesn’t view themselves as having any problems then this work can help you discover more about the deeper parts of you so that you can stay on course and learn to become a powerful creator of all the things you ever dreamed of.

One Brain® is brain balancing work that helps the individual regain e-motional and physical stability so that managing life’s ups and downs becomes effortless. It helps the mind unite with the heart’s desire so that unique and correct action can be taken to manifest the individual’s goals, dreams and desires. Our power is tied to our e-motions—all of them. If the non-conscious parts of you are holding onto pain, grief, anger etc, then your ability to stand in and use your power is greatly diminished. Our collective body energies program our physiology. One Brain® gets to the root program to change it so our bodies AND minds heal from the inside out. Creating the life you want — on the outside of you — begins with resolving the unresolved e-motions or energy blockages on the inside of you.

The defusion process is a method for discovering, and resolving negative e-motional STRESS. Stress is a major cause of many problems from relationship issues to learning disabilities to physical dysfunction. Stress effects us all from birth to death and it effects us on every level of our being. Though we have accepted stress as a normal part of life — it does not have to be. Unresolved stress can and will, over time, create disease. Conventional medicine is doing increasing research on stress related disorders. These problems involve the autonomic nervous system which controls the body’s physiology of organ systems and their interrelationship. These are the issues physicians are seeing and attempting to treat more often then any other routine condition. In their book “Stress: The Brain-Body Connection”, Dirk and Juliane Hellhammer scientifically discuss the missing link in trying to understand the connection between mind and physiological response and the disease process. The diseases the researchers have been able to directly correlate with stress are:

  • Heart disease
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Hypertension
  • Stroke
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Asthma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Back and facial pain
  • Skin disorders

The One Brain® System empowers the individual to find their “missing links” and correct them.

Stress, research has shown, is the leading cause of all disease. Even infants who are born with disease have unresolved stress that comes to them in the genetics of their ancestors. Research has shown that whatever e-motional issues went unresolved in their ancestors become part of the DNA and get passed on to later generations resulting in an actual physical disease process that may occur earlier in life than it did in the previous generation.

Children receive great benefit from this work.

Behavioral issues, poor grades, learning disabilities of all kinds are reduced or resolved with fun, easy to do exercises. For issues with children under 10 we work with the parents of that child because their energy systems are still closely conjoined to their child. For children 11 years and older, we work with that child AND the parents each individually in their own session times. Each person plays a role in the family dynamic and the development of an imbalance/problem that is manifesting with that child. Blame is not the name of this game. It about the energy underpinnings of the problem. It is about how the energies of both parents came together to generate the issue now in existence with the child.

By learning and using this method and all of it’s tools, all individuals empower themselves for life with the skills to resolve an e-motional problem before it becomes physical (see A Paradigm of Health and Healing under the About Menu). If we learn a responsible method for dealing with life’s stressful events early in life then life becomes easier to handle. Life does not need to contain chronic physical ailments or social and e-motional drama unless, of course, this is your conscious choice.

Many people, at the end of their lives, realize that they never reached their potential.This method helps you reach your potential because it resolves the deeper reasons why you are unable to take the steps necessary to fulfill your dreams. It helps your body-mind find ways to get on that path to meeting your potentil even when you don’t feel like there is anyway for that to happen. If having success and reaching your potential is your goal then The One Brain® System is a “must have” on your wish list.

Finally, and most importantly, this work will allow your Awareness to shift so that you can find more purpose and meaning in your life. It will assist you in discovering how to find and know your purpose. Being happily on our purpose in life supports you and the world as a whole. Because we are all connected with one another through the collective consciousness, when you defuse your issues it elevates the energy of the collective consciousness. This can effect everyone on the planet and simultaneously gives them the opportunity to resolve and shift their issues to a higher elevation as well. This work promotes Oneness and peace for you as an individual as well as for creating peace and Oneness within the world.

Other Information Related to Understanding The One Brain System

The defusion process was originally created to correct learning disabilities such as dyslexia. As the Creators worked with the system they began to see how the same stressors that create learning difficulties also create other problems in our lives. In fact, long before this de-fusion method was created, Dr. Hans Selye in the 1950’s made the connection between stress and disease. He said that dis-ease is stress in physical form. Dis- ease is defined as: “dis’: apart, asunder, away; “ease: freedom from labor, tension, pain, discomfort, difficulty great effort, financial need, stiffness, constraint or formality.’ Therefore, a dis-ease can be anything that makes our lives something other than what we truly want for ourselves. The authors, Louise Hay and John Sarno, M.D as well as John Upledger, D.O (, creator of craniosacral therapy, have also researched and proven the connection between stress in the mind and physical symptoms and disease.

In the words of Dr Upledger:

“For example, a physician might cure hemorrhoids by surgically removing them. However, if the hemorrhoids are secondary to liver congestion due to chronic alcohol abuse, the problem will not be healed until the patient resolves the underlying reason for the alcohol abuse; one of my friends, a general surgeon once confided to me that he felt most of the surgeries he had performed (over 30 years) might better be classified as excisions of the vocal apparatuses of his patients’ inner selves. By removing certain organs or tissues, he believed he was eliminating the bodily voices that were trying to focus attention on the source of the problem.” (from Massage Today, June 2006; Truth: The Golden Thread, Part One, by John Upledger, DO)(3)

The “source” of the problem to which he refers is the e-motional and “missing link” buried within the non-conscious parts of us. It is through the defusion process that the e-motional, WHOLE body, cause of the physical or other illness can be dealt with directly. Disease develops because patterns of negative emotional stress we learn early in life repeating themselves to the point that the physical body breaks down. All aches and pains and “little” symptoms are our body’s way of talking to us. We can recreate health and stop the cycle of physical pain and dysfunction when we address and permanently change the underlying e-motional stressor that is the original cause of the problem.

Louise Hay, ( ) is an author who also has made a connection between the emotions and dis-ease in our bodies and lives. Her books list illnesses and their probably emotional cause with a new thought pattern to use as a mantra. From her book “Heal your Body A-Z”:

“I realized that if I had the operation to get rid of the cancer and did not clear the mental pattern that created it, then the doctors would just keep cutting Louise until there was no more Louise to cut. When cancer or any other illness returns, I do not believe it is because the doctor did not get it all out, but rather because the patient has made no mental changes and so just re-creates the same illness. We are often so blind to our own patterns, no matter how dire a person’s predicament seems to be, I KNOW that if he or she is WILLING to do the mental work of releasing and forgiving, almost anything can be healed. The word “incurable”, which is so frightening to so many people, really only means that the particular condition cannot be cured by “outer” methods and that we must GO WITHIN to effect the healing.” (emphasis added)

There has been considerable misunderstanding about using mantras and just staying focused on being positive everyday. Systems of mantras, and methods of positive thinking, are connecting with the conscious part of your mind, ONLY. Using mantras over and over can influence the non-conscious parts of us but it’s certainly a lot of work. It is the hope of these systems that, eventually, it “sinks in” to the non-conscious parts of us and fosters permanent change. The One Brain® System assists all levels of the body, mind and spirit of which the the subconscious is only one part, in order to create permanent release of the cause of dis-stress and dis- ease upon which you have been focusing your mantra. The power of this system lies in its ability to go underneath the conscious thinking mind in order to rewrite the programming that created the obstacle in the first place. This means that you will more naturally and easily manifest your goals using only necessary effort from the positive thinking methods you use each day. One Brain® frees the cycling negative programming so that you are in MORE positive thought in present and future time, naturally and effortlessly. One Brain®helps you do what ever you are doing much more easily.

Did you ever wonder why the Law of Attraction seems to bring you more of what you don’t want and less of what you do? This is the type of question that the One Brain® System can help you answer. The system will help you find what within you is attracting what you don’t want while simulataneously replacing it with programming that will help you attract more of what you DO want. Certainly mantras and positive thought programs can help dig out these areas but why not use a more direct route? The One Brain® System is a perfect complement to what ever conscious process you use everyday to bring you more of what you are wanting.

One Brain® assists us in cutting the (stress producing) anchor to the past so you can create a more fulfilling present and future.


For Further Reading

Go to to learn more about this work and it’s creators. Look for information about Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside. Information on the use and popularity of the work in countries such as Germany, Japan, and many others is available on this site. More information about classes, other facilitators and the tools created by these men is also available.

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