Introducing the Essential Oils Consult for Epigenetic Stress Resolution

Nature is all about energy.  Nature, plants, minerals, and the “stuff” we are made of, is comprised of energy as its most basic component.  Your 7th grade science teacher taught that everything is composed of atoms and therefore everything is more energy than matter.  Essential oils are the concentrated vibration of each plant from which they are derived.  The essential oils I use with you are grown in places as free as possible from pesticides and pollution.  They are authentic and true and therefore have rapid healing powers.
Combined with my mediumship and intuitive skills and the healing powers of plant-energy healing you can maintain the changes from the energy session you receive so that your body and mind can heal, make new and better choices, behavioral changes and prepare for the next level of strength to come in the next session. The daily application of essential oils maintains the vibration of what you receive via my channel and therefore assists you in allowing the changes into your day to day life.
The oils assist your cells to release and gently drain your stress patterns from your body and life.  Consistent use of them over time will assist perceptual shifts which aid you in making needed and desired change to your life.

Distance Away?

Even if you live at a distance, I can help you. I send you the scanner which you attach to your computer so we can together view the report of which oils will help you maintain the changes and continue getting more balanced between healing sessions.

Combining the use of plant essences and my channel for pure healing energy gives you the best possible boost to end pain and stress patterns weighing down your life.

Sending the scanner to you, requires a deposit on your credit card for replacement of the scanner should it not be returned to me.  It is only a hold for that amount until the safe return of the scanner which is released upon return of the undamaged scanner.


If you are local to me, you may come into the office for an energy healing session and scanning.  If you chose to purchase the oils an account will be set up for you that allows you to have control over the ordering, at wholesale, of the oils you scan for each month.

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