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Similar to my other work with energy, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) works with the all the various energy pathways in the body which all effect our vital life force.  Energy pathways such as cellular memory, meridians and neuro-lymphatic channels and points and others all work together to make or break our body’s health and relationships.  Everyday we are learning more and more about the vast energy self behind our marvelous physical body’s existence and how it stays healthy.  The creators of IET have also identified an energy pathway called the “integration channel” which serves to rebalance the energy the body’s cellular memory.

Now Offered

How Does It Work?

You lay comfortably, clothed and blanketed on a massage table and listen to healing music.  I use light touch and certain hand positions and touch various points on the body.  I also work off the body in your energy field or auric field.  I palpate the energy imbalances on, off and through the body and work with the energy of Angels or Archangels to assist their release.  The session lasts about an hour to 1.25 hours depending on whether certain steps such as the Soulstar Clearing are done.   There is a bit of a debriefing after the physical work is completed.  If you wish to know what areas were blocked and other information, this will be provided during this afterward discussion.

What Do Most Say About How It Helps?

Most people experience deep relief and later ease of life changes to help them on their journey in life.  Whether that means releasing old grief from a loss or clearing a block to getting a new job more suited to your needs, change comes and it does so gently.  This more physical level of clearing the body’s memory banks complements the Epigenetic Reprogramming and other energy work I do. 

Why Would I Use This Versus Any Other Energy Modality?  

Our bodies and brain tend to habituate to any technique. Receiving this technique can help you kick it up a notch and nudge the body from a different direction with a slightly different approach which triggers a slowing or plateauing healing progression.  When moving through an energy block that has either been there a long time or  is connected in a multifaceted way, this technique can help free that block more easily and quickly.

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