Are you aligned with your Soul?

In case you haven’t noticed the Universal Energy pouring down over us is even more intense than last year. Its beautiful, high frequency intensity is designed to provide a course correction or lift you to the next level of joy, strength peace or whatever you are wanting from your heart.  But if the motivations from what you think is your heart are not true, then you might have some tough stuff going on. Read to the end of this and you will learn how to discover your true motivations for whatever you are trying to create in your life.

Since 2011 and especially since December 2017, the Universal Energy has been pouring down over us assisting the physical us to to align with Unity Consciousness also known as Oneness. This is commanding us to drop our beliefs/thoughts and behaviors associated with paradigms as: superior/inferior, judgement and blame and live more in alignment with our Soul. These paradigms are rooted in fear, of course, but our ego tends to be loathe to change them due to long term cultural conditioning. Ego is closely connected to the intellect so please be aware that most of the time the only way we will finally see that we are still acting from these old paradigms is from how things are moving forward or not in your life.


If you want to read in depth about Unity Consciousness and our evolution into it, read The Nine Waves of Creation by Carl Johan Calleman, PhD.

Intellectually we might think we are no longer living from these paradigms but when conflict, stress or challenge arises that weighs heavy on us, it will now be due to the non-conscious parts of us that are still operating from these paradigms. The window on their operation in our reality has closed and as such they must close on the microcosm level within your body’s memory.

For example, you might think or believe you need to become a movie star because that will finally give you the joy you deserve– this is intellectual ideal.  But when so many obstacles meet your path and you overworking to attain this goal, the obstacles themselves might give clues as to a course correction which might bring you more joy than your mind can imagine.

This shift we are undergoing is not temporary but part of the new reality and you will feel its stressful effects going forward in time as long as there are parts of your mind, emotions and behavior which are not in alignment with owning your emotions and taking full responsibility for you and only you.  This also means that you must allow others to do the same, even if they are children and it looks to you like you are supposed to be doing something to fix them.

You will know you are feeling the effects and not releasing something not in alignment with the now, because your life will feel scattered or crazed, an illness/disease or other imbalance is not healing or a situation/relationship is not shifting into harmony. Then you know it’s time to look within more deeply and release that which you feel your can’t and won’t or can’t presently see within your epigenetics.

It only sounds romantic to imagine our hearts shifting to expand and connect with the Universal Heart. Because of our deep conditioning on the main paradigms in flux, it is not always easy to allow the changes.  If there is resistance to getting on board with equality, non-judgement, taking responsibility for your emotions and other higher vibrational thoughts and behaviors, you will experience suffering on some level.

Some people believe that what is seen in the physical world must need a physical thing to fix it.  In so believing they often will not attend to the body’s connection with it’s Soul and instead seek out a pill, exercise, working harder or some other physical measure to resolve a problem.  This person may have some rather loud issues going on right now that won’t go away without addressing the unseen aspects of self.  Your Spirit and your Soul provided the blueprint for the physical body and is where change needs to happen before the substance of it will correct itself. It is time now to recognize and begin dealing with the unseen energies that created the situation/illness/body/relationship that is out of balance. There is no going back to the days when a pill/exercise/physical modality completely resolves it.  It is a new day, a new reality.

There is a principle that can help with this process of change.  It goes against what our culture has come to believe but it helps us go through this level of change.   When you are feeling the extra stress, instead of fighting against it and allowing the stress to pull you out of balance, REST. It is your body that needs to undergo change and at bare minimum resting it will allow it to open to the changes.  If you won’t rest then usually your body will find a way to make you rest, like getting you sick so you must.  When in a relaxed state facing a problem, we solve it faster, drama resulting from it lessens, and the solution appears more easily and we get past the entire mess faster with lessons learned easily from it.

We are moving into the time where thoughts and emotions will more quickly create. If you have unresolved issues that you have “back-burnered”, this is the time to find a technique and calms the body-mind and allows your Soul full access to clear and release old pain, patterns and habits.

Your Soul continuously updates to the higher frequency to keep pace with the changes from the universal flow.  Your mind and body will sense these updates but will resist them most of the time because our culture has taught us that the conscious mind is king.  If you have been taught to go to work or school even when you feel exhausted or ill, then you understand what I’m saying. But if you utilize both rest and an the active form of meditation, not the old form of passive meditation, it will help your body and mind attune or update to the frequency your Soul is trying to download to you.   The Soul’s goal is to update the cells of your body and your mind which includes beliefs and perception. This is for your benefit due to how the paradigm changes will change the course of your planned path, whether you “think” you like it or not.

Some of your discomfort may be resolved with rest but it is the active form of meditation that make you progress in leaps and bounds. The form of meditation calms the body and then activates the energy of your Soul so that just like your computer, your brain and body will be updated to this new energy.   Your body and mind will more easily and naturally release as the new energy moves in when you work with these two tools. Meditation skills need to be deepened into active form and practiced at least once and usually twice daily.  Find a practitioner, like myself, who does work with the non-verbal/subconscious parts of you and have a regular session at least once per month. The reason for the session is to help you clear those patterns that you live from but cannot see.  We all have them. These are the big patterns.  Our conscious mind’s thought about this is no indicator of whether we are truly living from our heart and in alignment with the rapid changes occurring.

It helps our conscious mind to let go into the process of change using the tools I mention, if the conscious mind has some frame of reference for what is happening and why. If your symptoms or struggles aren’t abating, and you think you need to keep doing the same thing and except a different result, check the lists below and use your heart to guide you to the truth about whether you are moving through these changes with ease.

What is Changing:

  • Old paradigm ideals such as, “superior/inferior”; or inequality;  No one, color, race, religion, sexual orientation is superior.  We all have something to offer.  It’s time now to get this right.
  • Responsibility for your emotions.  No one can make you feel anything. If you can’t stop a bad feeling  you think you are getting from someone, get some help or learn active meditation with me.
  • Blaming anyone for anything or problem you have.  You created it, own it and make a new choice.
  • Ideal that physical reality is superior to energetic or unseen forces.  Just because you can see it doesn’t mean that’s all there is.  The energy that created it has intelligence.  Let yourself hear it.
  • Responsibility for healing your body, mind and emotions. Practitioners of any type, M.D. to Herbalist can give you a boost or insight but your health is your responsibility.  If you can’t give up a substance that is hurting your health,  such as fast food, alcohol, then expect your health to leave you at some point. Medicine doesn’t cure you, you cure you.
  • You create your reality good or bad.  Own it, learn how you created it and you find the answers to change it with clear choice and discipline.
  • You are the only authority about and for yourself.  If you feel that it is the credential or college degree that will give you satisfaction and income, know that unless you know yourself and your talents, it is only your ego that will grow, not your satisfaction with your work and life.   We are all talented in many ways, which one comes from deep in your heart?  Pursue that and life will be what you want.
  • Judgment.  If you judge others or yourself in any moment then ending this will free you to be who you really are and live from that;
  • Complex to the simple.  Think about Occam’s Razor- the simple solution is the best one.  We have created a society where mystery of complexity creates consumers.  It’s less complex than you think.  Go to your heart, if it feels wrong even if it once felt right, it’s time to move on.

What life could look like for you more consistently:

  • Fascination with life and how simple it is to access and allow the flow to take you where you best need to be in relationships, and your purposeful work;
  • Less conflict and more ability to see and respect other’s boundaries because of your focus on creating your life to its fullest.
  • More consistent feeling of being loved just in being alive, no matter the circumstances you move through.
  • Unshakable inner peace that leads to more moments of sweet peaceful joy and a depth of calm within that brings stability to your life and relationships.
  • Ability to perceive unseen energies from within people and from the universal collective, with the intuitive sense to navigate around the imbalanced energies which are not yours to deal with. This leads to the ability to access, release and heal nearly any ailment, emotional or mental imbalance in yourself.
  • Self respect leading to respect of others, trust of the life and it’s flow. You will have the ability to live and act from a place of honor of self, others, our world and the environment.  When you feel resistance, you allow it to show you it’s meaning and redirect your course if necessary.
  • Patience with self, others, because of the deep gratitude for every detail and aspect of life.
  • 5th dimensional creation ability.  Thinking of something can create it instantaneously.  If you are acting from old paradigm constructs you will create struggle, if from these new 5th dimensional paradigms then the creation will be what you hope for but usually better than your mind can imagine and you are always open to that.
  • Less is More, Simple is Best ©  Living.  This is how we feel and then act from peace.

A final important change that is more important now than ever:

          Often we believe or think (conscious mind) that we are acting from love in what ever we are doing.  If you ask yourself why you are doing something and with each answer continue to ask why you are doing that and so on you will eventually come to the answer of either love or fear.  If you are deeply honest with yourself you will find that we are approaching most of our life from a place of fear. Example: This is an oversimplified example but illustrates my point well enough….. Why do you want to lose weight? Because I want to look good.  Why do you want to look good?  My husband likes me thin.  Why do you care that your husband likes you thin?  Because….he might look for another woman….This is fear.  It’s not love.  We can often fool ourselves into believing it’s because we love them and they love us but when you get right down to it, most of the time, it’s fear of loss of some sort.

          Getting our motivations in order will help us end our fear patterns and doing something for love opens like a flower into your life.  The key is not to stop at questioning yourself at the first answer.  Go deeper.  It there that you will find the energy that is creating what ever you don’t want or can’t get.

Choose to Act from Love

in all Things and in all Ways.

In conclusion:

Self-assessment from your heart, not the conscious, mind will help you identify any long-standing belief, habit, emotion, person, food that is no longer serving you. This takes quiet time and practice.  It’s time to create these parameters for yourself.

Letting go of these ideals is the name of the game going forward into this new energy.  If you have any desire to let go of old patterns, people things, the energy is on your side even if you have been unsuccessful in this process in the past.  The past will become a non-issue as the NOW is where all your power will be.

But PLEASE make no mistake.  Pretending or ignoring or “trying to focus” on what is in front of you will not release the past. Time is vertical which means that ignoring unresolved past hurts will inevitably bring around struggle related to them even if you can’t consciously see the connection.  It is the function of the brain’s pattern keeper to keep you in pain. The only way you can pull out of the cycle of re-creating the past is to address it in the same manner it functions—as a process or system.  This is why I created my ERP- Epigenetic Reprogramming.    It takes time and practice to relearn how to properly release and then not re-create suppressed emotion.

This energy is beautiful when you surrender to it and let it change your life.  Your life will then be and feel beautiful in ways you would never have guessed were possible.

Monthly Meditation GroupJoin my monthly meditation group.  One evening per month we meet for an hour of guided meditation to give you that boost of group energy.  Check my blog for dates.

To learn, practice and apply tools that will lift your life to it’s new level of power, join my  A New You A New Reality   Energy Healing 3 part class program. It is a series of one day classes spread out over 3 seasons beginning in April through October.  You and your life to learn the joy of healing yourself with energy skills.

Light and Blessings to you! This is an exciting time to be alive!

Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.
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