Let me ask you:

When you meditate do you know why and how you get to that blissful state?  Are you aware of what you are connecting to that will bring you those tranquil, unconditional love, peaceful feelings? Is it only a great experience once in a while?  Do you have a fail safe system to get that amazing experience every time?

This is because meditation, and the energy that flows from it, is a healing art and science.

If you don’t meditate but have felt the perfect love-light of Angels or if you simply believe in Angels, Arch or otherwise,  then you believe in or have connected with the same Source that brings people who meditate that bliss.   This is a normal state of being for all humans to attain.  When we get bogged down too much in the heaviness of life, we need meditative skills to uplift and refresh us.  Often people know that meditation can help them but they don’t know why and might even not try to do it because they are afraid of how or what they will feel if they calm their bodies and minds and experience peace and tranquility.  Some are just afraid of feeling good and being okay.  We have gotten too used to feeling bad that feeling goo has become foreign.

I have a friend who has a masters degree in education and works for a public school system in NJ.  She teaches her 5th grade students meditation and was given permission to do so.  Things are changing because stress, anxiety, depression and other mood related problems are on the rise.

If you have known me for 20 years or more, you know that I have always been a skeptic.  I was employed in the legal field for 15 years because I wanted to know or prove the truth.  I was taught by brilliant, high powered attorneys how to ask a good, non-leading question and a question that would find the deeper level of the story. They trained me to do their prep work right down the Voir Dire for jury selection.

 I learned how to find out what the cause of something was because in litigating a medical malpractice action you have to turn over all stones and find stones you don’t know are there or risk being humiliated by your opponent and of course losing the case.  It’s a tough business.  I value that time of my life because I learned a lot. I  learned how to dig deep to the bottom line of not just the causation required for a potential malpractice but about how people deny, avoid, cover up and flat out lie due to some deeper problem they have which ultimately leads them to their negligent care of someone who trusted them.

It was a time of learning about how fallible we all are.  How do we know who to trust and who to respect and honor and when to take or allow others to take responsibility?  These are the big subjects of life and after the better part of the past 3 decades I have learned to negotiate these murky waters. 

No matter what religion you practice, this process of growth is universal; you become an expert through training and experience.

The media, especially through TV has convinced us that there is an authority in a human being such as someone who has been ordained, credentialed and given some level of authority as a “expert”.  I am certain you have been let down or know of someone who has been let down by one of these supposed experts.  None of us are experts. We are all in training.  Life experience brings wisdom and that is the only true expertise. No ceremony or credential will bring this, only time.

 This is why I am now just now coming into the thing I was born to do.  I needed to live and experience life for 50 years before I would be able to take responsibility and handle my purposeful work.  I have driven my life and body into so many walls and learned the causation for it, that I can now see the strings of life.  If you take the time to reflect after each collision you will be shown the error of your way and the course correction it brings.  Make choices thereafter consistent with that lesson and you will be given the power to see and know more.  It’s that simple.

 If you know me, you know that I love nature and science and I have always been a student of these subjects, reading beyond my coursework at any level of our educational process.  That never stopped.  I don’t have a Ph.D. but I read and apply what I read across all subject areas avidly.

The First Time.

 In October of 2011 after 10 years of making myself, via a system of transformational healing, take responsibility for all the good and bad that I had ever experienced in my life, I was woken up in bed in the middle of the night and began writing a poem.  If you know me, you know I am not poetic.  I don’t even read fictional novels.  Just give me the real deal, the truth.

The very next day, I met a woman, (by accident??!) who was holding a class that evening in automatic writing which she said, was what had happened to me the evening before.  What was this?  While I am interested only in the concrete,usually, I felt drawn to learning more about this.

She talked that evening about mediumship. I had never heard the word before.  Then she used the word most people know, psychic. She said that psychic is like mediumship.  I almost walked out of that class.  Nonsense.  I knew that psychics were known to predict the future and other nonsense. Will that guy ask me to marry him?  Will I be rich someday?  Predicting the future by some magical means was not real and would only lead to heartbreak.

 My understanding of a “medium” at that time was in relation to artists’ “mediums”.  (Medium in this context means the physical objects used by artists to convey messages to audiences through the senses.)  Turns out that isn’t too far from the truth.  Being an authentic, well trained and practiced Medium is a healing art based in science.  More on the science part later.

I have always had a strong instincts and a high level of intuition.  My instincts, if I let myself follow them, usually put me in the right place at the right time.  Something told me to stay in class that October evening.  

 My grandmother had died six months earlier. She was a strong, domineering, and popular among her peers, and in pretty good shape for woman of 96 when she died. She and I had a close relationship.  A student in the class, a woman I had never met, was asked to quiet her mind and see who was there.  My skeptic mind was all ears.

 She described seeing a crowd of spirits (I rolled my eyes) and a spirit who she saw as a woman pushing her way to front of the crowd.  Then the student began to describe family dinners that the woman spirit made for her family at holidays and described a microscope and lab in which she worked.  Does anyone know who this is, the student asked. There is no way that this student could know anything about my grandmother, I’d never met her or spoken to her before.  Suddenly I could feel my grandmother’s fortitude fill the room. 

 In keeping with my training in the legal field, I have always kept notes and journals when things happen in life because our memory tends to mix things up and so I write it down, nearly 100% of the time and I keep it. 

 I went back into my journals – my source documents. The first message ever in my life,  from a Medium, and it was coming from my grandmother!  My father had died 13 years prior.  My notes say the Medium said my grandmother wanted me to know:   “hold fast to your truth in expression… tough to stay with it… hold on…it’s going to explode… you will be better off than I was in life.”   Sitting here now, in 2019, writing this blog after my first demonstration of mediumship before a live audience, that message describes the years from 2011 to today.  It is exploding for me now.   I had to hold on and stay the course because to do this work one must be disciplined. It’s all true.  And it’s not haphazard or casual; it requires discipline, practice and training.  It looks easy but to do it authentically and have the recipient FEEL their loved one, takes practice.   

 In January, 2012 I learned more by taking my first two-day workshop. With each successive class I have learned that mediumship is an application of physics laws to the biology of the human brain and body.  But in my second class I have a note in a note book which says—“Evil spirits, such a thing?… remember to ask him”. 

Reliable Human Sources

 Why would I rely on this person as a reliable source of such a murky subject as the existence of evil spirits?  Here’s why….

Eamonn Downy has 40 years experience as medium.  In England, Mediumship is a profession in which you must prove you can give detailed evidence of a disincarnate relative of a judge unknown to you.  You must go before this magistrate (secular judge) and bring through two of their ancestors and provide specific details.  It is on the basis of your accuracy with “Evidential Mediumship” of their ancestors that you are given or denied the ability to practice this skill professionally.

Eamonn was a horse jockey until in his early 20s when things shifted for him and he found his path as a medium.  He is no-nonsense, and like me, proof driven. His books and research at Northumberland University have given us data about what happens to Mediums when they change the state of their consciousness through techniques known and used for centuries by ancient cultures. Hooked up to EEG and other brain wave equipment, scientists learned that biology and physics do in-fact work together.

Eamonn is financially successful as a Medium and well known as a tutor (teacher) of these skills all over the world. Financial success seems to speak to American society as if a barometer of level of truth.  I add this for those of you who need this evidence.

 He’s not famous and not on TV because he doesn’t have patience or time for sensationalism.  There too much work to do given the state of our world and being a Medium is about dealing with the seriousness of the state of the world and how “the unseen realm” is the source of the solution.

The Big Misperceptions.

This is not Religion 

Those of you going down that road in your minds right now, don’t.  This is science.  Not yet convinced?  I have a post coming up that will help you see how this is all about physics.   Stay tuned.

In recent weeks I learned a word that reminded me Eamonn’s words after I asked the question about evil:  “This is not fortune telling.”

This is I believe the misperception and misunderstanding that some people who call themselves faithful, religious and Jesus’ followers are missing about Mediumship  – its true nature and process.


Necromancy is a practice of magic involving communication with the dead the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge, to bring someone back from the dead, or to use the dead as a weapon, as the term may sometimes be used in a more general sense to refer to black magic or witchcraft.

True mediumship is NOT Necromancy.  Certainly those who are not trained or strict in their practice and have not healed their own unresolved traumas yet still hold themselves out as “psychics” or “mediums”, may well be practicing necromancy.   As American society does not yet recognize mediumship as a profession, we have no way to protect the public as Britain has developed over the centuries.

Here is how you know:  If the psychic or medium you are working with is predicting the future whether or not you asked for it, they are not doing healing work called Mediumship.   At no time, is there a way to predict the future for anything or anyone.  There are far too many factors involved that can influence outcomes.


We are having so many romances with illusion.  Magic is one of them.  Magic is in everyday when we make clear choices about being kind, patient and loving. Mediumship is not magic, it’s healing and I can prove it.  I do it everyday for people and their lives change for the better.

Summoning the dead? 

No professional Medium summons the dead. Bodies go back to the earth’s chemicals from which they are made, yes.  They are lifeless because life is Energy and there isn’t anything that can change that.  Once your Energy leaves the body, that’s it. For your body. BUT our Energy which is the sum total of our personality, is not dead.  We have created yet another illusion and fantasy about what death is.  Death is of the physical ONLY.  The Energy that was you is transformed.  Read Einstein’s work.  Your life will change when you apply it to biology. We can, when we stop this romance with the illusion of the darkness being evil, BLEND with the Intelligence of the Unseen World. Then, we witness, in our lives, the changes that make our life and that of others, beautiful.

The Unseen World? 

We can’t see it because we don’t believe it.  We put our kids down and use electro-shock therapy on them when they say—hey Mom, your Pop-pop comes to talk to me and tell me about how he loved his job as a postal worker —when we know full well that Pop-pop died before this child was born.  We have to stop this ridiculous fearing nonsense and begin to work with Intelligence that has a bird’s eye view of our problems.  THEY are on the only ones who can help our ego-driven-out- of-control-path of destruction of life on earth.

Healing it is then!!

Mediumship is strictly for the purpose of healing. It’s about healing illness,  grief, trauma, the earth and nearly anything else you can think of.   It is especially good for chronic grief and trauma that has blossomed into misdirection, illness or failed relationships.  Development and training as a Medium means a disciplined life and learning how to heal your own inner traumas that some call “inner demons”.  As you develop as a Medium, and heal your own life and traumas, you then become a conduit for the transfer of healing energy from the unseen realm to the person asking the Medium for help. This is done by the Medium releasing or putting on “sleep mode” their left brain awareness and quieting their body to deep stillness. In doing so the Energy aspects of us then raise the frequency of our Soul and Spirit which creates a “welcome mat”.   As in any co-operation, Spirit (angels, ancestors, all disincarnate intelligence) then lower their frequency from the speed of light into this welcome mat created by the Medium so they can be sensed by the sitter.

It’s just not that hard.

You simply have to learn to tell that over-worked, craving peace, left brain to HUSH!!  If you can commit to the study it takes to get a college degree or advance degree, then you can commit to opening to the real deal.  It’s just not that hard.  Stop thinking and saying it is too hard to meditate: I can’t sit still, my mind won’t stop and the like.  Really?  All those hours of studying to get that Ph.D. and you can’t meditate.  What’s that about?

In extremely poor mediumship experiences you will sense and see in the words and energy the personality of the Medium in their words and reading of the energy.  The intellect, left brain analysis and personality of the Medium must vacate in order for the personality, words and accurate information and healing energy for the sitter to come through authentically.  Early in training or when a Medium who is human too, is overworking themselves, sometimes the information isn’t as accurate due to any number of issues with learning how to do this.  It just takes repetition and quiet practice at home daily to calm and quiet the left brain.  As our computers are connected to the World Wide Web so are we, our Energy selves connected to the web of the Universe and all the Intelligence within it.

As the Medium develops over time, and there is no fast track, before any words are spoken about the details of the Intelligence(loved on in Spirit) coming through, the sitter would know instantly who is there for them. The Medium then doesn’t need to do anything except allow the conversation (via the “ears” of the heart) between the sitter and their ancestor in Spirit.

Messages and the Energy Transfer

 Eamonn’s expertise has been in teaching the Medium to get perfect stillness from the body so that the Energy of Intelligence is palpable by the recipient (sitter).  Mediumship “light” is when the medium gives the message but the healing energy is not built and received.  Mediums need to practice and practice in order to allow the energy to effect the sitter.  This part of the job of mediumship isn’t just there.  It takes practice to build the energy and the ability to have a clean space for manifestation of the Intelligence Healing energy is the clearing of the old trauma and grief of the medium.

 A “medium” is a conduit after all.  It is a Medium’s job to create a clear, high frequency space where the Energy of Spirit can manifest (build up within the field created by the Medium for the sitter) so that a healing energy transfer can occur.  The words of the medium are merely a narration of what that Loved One In Spirit is trying to heal in their descendent. This is the true gift and beauty of the healing power of Mediumship. This is what people are in need of more than the message.  The message is a narration of what is being healing in the sitter.  The words last moments but the energy transfer lasts the life time of the sitter because of how it changes their life.  The talking the Medium does in a session, as long as it is coming from the Energy in Spirit, keeps the energy high and gives the sitter understanding of what their ancestor is trying to assist in the life of the sitter.

 But as with most sitters, they are not fully open to this experience even if they want to be.  This is why the Medium has to train and practice to be able to allow Spirit to use their brain without the Medium’s brain and it’s own memories interfering in the energy of what Spirit is trying to communicate to the sitter. In effective mediumship, the medium’s words conveyed from their ancestor to the sitter would use words, intonation, hand gestures etc. etc. like the ancestor would have while during their life. This is life changing for the sitter to know their ancestor still lives.  The transfer of healing energy in this event heals deeply held patterns that the ancestor knows they started or perpetuated and are causing the sitter and prolonged grief and trauma. 

Over forty years of a work as a medium, Eamonn has seen many people’s lives change.  I too have begun to witness the same.  There is nothing else that truly resolves at its root. Most people tend of have some level of grief that becomes protracted when someone they love or have had conflict with crosses.  Even if the person believes they are okay about their loved one passing, Mediums always find there are still pieces of unresolved feelings and trauma from the relationship with them that are creating struggle in their life.

I have personally known people who have been suffering for years and years after a death.  This is stuck grief.  Grief, contrary to populate myth, does not have to last the rest of your body’s life. They need healing with a well trained Medium, preferably someone who trained with a Medium who knows how to train for a well built field (welcome mat) and accurate evidence and messages.  It’s not enough anymore for there to just a message, the energy transfer must happen to for the reunion of ancestor and descendant to be complete.    

But just looking for a British well-trained medium is not enough.  I have learned that even some British mediums who are not self-healing over the years of their practice, their brains will often interfere with the transfer of energy or the message from the ancestor.   Going forward in this profession, one must be self healing in order to stay current with the energy has it marches, akin to the expansion of the Universe, into high and higher frequencies.  The universe is expanding and as such the energies move on and up in frequency in alignment with this scientifically known expansion.  

In Summary

After this explanation, where do you think that “zone” we go into when we help someone or engage in a healing activity like acupuncture, massage or Reiki, comes from?  Most people don’t think about it.  They just know that it ‘feels good’ to help someone who is suffering.

Why do we all love to be around babies?  Beyond being cute there is just something about their pure, sweet energy that we love.  How did they learn to do that if they are days or months old?  Did you ever think that we were once all that way when we were that age?

 The greatest common denominator among all sentient beings is energy.  Dogs have it, cats have it.  Pure, unconditional love.  Can you put this love on the table and look at it?  No.  It’s energy, unseen, yet sought after because we all seek peace.  Where do we go searching for it?  In other people, babies and pets.  

 Is there a long leap from meditation, belief in Angels, or Reiki to Mediumship?? Absolutely not.  It’s all the same thing.  The energy of the Universe that surrounds us all, every day of every year.  Kids and babies are naturals at it. Our world, and our lack of belief in the healing that comes from the Energy itself that is all around us, is what causes kids to lose it.  They want our love so they learn to believe as we do.  Do we really want this?  It’s time to finally end this pattern.  It’s time to stop allowing ourselves to be afraid of the unseen, that is old news, old energy and old belief.  Frankly, it’s nonsense.  Because adults believing this way is why kids learn to become a afraid of the “dark” or that which our eyes are not trained to see.

 I studied history in college.  History isn’t about memorizing dates, events, facts and people.  It’s about the patterns of humanity on a grand scale.  It’s about seeing how we solved a problem within the masses and did or didn’t learn from it millennia later.  I learned in college, and so did my mom, as a matter of fact in a southern bible college in 1958, that evil and the devil was a created concept by the church in an effort to control.  Yet this misperception has persisted.

 Maybe it has persisted because we are afraid of our true power to create our reality and afraid that we have the power of choice and responsibility for when things go well or don’t.  In case you forgot, the Free Will, mentioned in the Bible is about this power of choice but somewhere someone decided that Free Will is only what some one tells you is right or wrong.  The power of choice is about taking responsibility and ending responsibility for someone else’s pain.  Let the energy heal it.  Be the conduit, stop rescuing.  It doesn’t solve anything.  Charity begins at home.  Heal your own silliness, irresponsibility for why your life isn’t working.

 For some, more visible Mediums like John Edwards or the late Silvia Browne, it was always easy. Close their eyes and there They were, connected to the bigger part of our world—the unseen part.  In truth is it this easy when we stop using our intellect as though it is a God force; that those will higher IQ’s are superior to someone with less.  As the saying goes, we all are born and we all die. If you are that smart, then use it but it doesn’t make you better.  The intellect has helped us in many ways and it has created disaster and possibly now the end of life on earth.  With the animal population decreased by 60% since 1970 and the insect population at dangerously low levels, all life is in danger.  What is causing this is ego.  The ego and intellect are the problem.  When we put ego and the intellect—mostly left brain abilities—on hold, we enter into the right brain and the deep knowledge that the energy holds.  You don’t have to be religious or believe in God.  Believing in nature and energy that holds everything together is enough.  You will access it, if you shut down your brain like a computer.  Then the World opens up in ways you could never have imagined.

 The taboo that our leaders of institutions, religion among them, have created about mediumship is really about fear.  Fear of loss of control, of money and in the final analysis that’s greed about and loss of power.  But what if there really is enough to be at peace and happy.  Time and again we learn that money cannot buy contentment or happiness.  Yet we are driven to it because we are seduced by the things it can buy. Real power is in know who you are, what you have to offer and doing that. That is satisfaction and love and creates inner peace.  But inner peace doesn’t make consumers.  We have been fed a belief about money and fame and how the world works.  The lies and the manipulation of our minds have deepened over the centuries because we have been taught to NOT connect to the real source of power—the Source—the Universe—from whence all healing, energy and love comes from directly.   It’s time to restore this ability into the populace.  Mediumship is the vehicle.  Ride the wave.

Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.
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