In spite of the many delays created by Galactic Federation Intelligence with the Ascension process of Earth so that we can take our rightful, and long awaited place in the Galactic Community, the last weekend of June, we finally reached the 60% consciousness level worldwide. The 60% doesn’t mean 60% of the people but is an average of those 100% awake with others who are 5% awake or 50% awake and so on.  By awake, I mean aware of who you are as a consciousness without a body and free from belief system limitations (such as fear of ____).

Intelligence can be learned

The delays have been necessary as They are allowing the turmoil of the breakdown of institutions to wake people up to their true selves; their consciousness. Other Intelligence from other planets which have gone through this very same Ascension process report to us that it is pointless to try to predict when the final moment of the shift will occur. It could be weeks, months or years but one thing is for sure right now, it is all about each one of us and our commitment to breaking old patterns, norms and freeing ourselves.   Our brains are limited in their capacity to see the multiple levels that the Galactic Intelligence can see as they monitor our progress, watch and wait as each one of us works to resolve ourselves to sovereignty.

It’s hard to do this deep processing alone, so avail yourself of assistance via acupuncture, mediums and other natural healers.  Most medical problems will be resolved faster with natural methods rather than chemicals or surgery.

Galactic Intelligence, whether you realize it or not, is guiding us through this process.  They have the bird’s eye view and know when the right time is to increase frequencies or accelerate the increase in frequencies so as to cause as little trauma and death as possible. (However, they cannot control death and trauma that might come from choices people make from corporate pressures). Raising frequencies of organic tissue is no easy nor simple matter because the organic tissue is fragile and forces such as belief systems when rattled or shocked can cause these tissues cells to cease functioning.  Raising the frequencies of our bodies and brains means also changing the way we think and feel because it is our thoughts and beliefs, and the resulting emotions and behaviors, that create and shape the landscape of our tissues.  The main belief system, one of fear and pain, is a conditioned response, not a truth. It is the most widely resolving false belief system, that once completed will elevate us into the truth of who we are beyond our physical selves to operate from our higher selves in order to become part of the galactic community.  Changing how we think and feel and who we believe ourselves to be, is a process and not something you can shift overnight with just increasing the frequency (vibratory rate) of our bodies. To continue to think in these terms would be to think (and perceive) in a 3rd Dimensional perception.

Reaching this tipping point means that Intelligence has given the green light to finally begin the process of ascension from 4D (which we are now in) to 5D.  In a practical sense, this means that the many people who have been naysayers to the truth of what has been going on in the past year and for decades, will be waking up to realize truths about our infrastructures and begin to follow the energy paths of the heart.  In a world events sense, this means that increasing numbers of truths will stream forth to make us all aware of what has been going on behind the scenes for decades.  This is the beginning of Ascension that will lead to the shift into 5D living, and it will increase in momentum over the next 2-5 years before first contact is possible.

There is a great deal more to the story of why and how Galactic Intelligence is the “governor” of Earth and humanity’s Ascension process but this information is beyond the scope of this article. For now know that it’s not that we aren’t in control but we are a part of a collective Intelligence and have been, for centuries, unplugged, disconnected from our awareness of our Higher Selves and our constant relationship to and with Them.  This happened long ago before the majority of all humanity was born.   All of the cosmos including Earth is a co-creation with those who have higher perceptive abilities than we have as humans.  In the “greater community of Intelligence” there are levels of perceptive awareness called dimensions and numerous beings and communities of beings living within those levels.  As we ascend to the perceptive ability of 5th level density, there will be those among us who will ascend beyond that.  It never stops.

For example, Ascended Masters and Archangels have their level of perceptive life which gives them a certain ability of sight and ability to help and guide those who are not yet at that level of sight.  It’s not about being in control or in charge.  It’s about where you are, embracing that to reach your fullest potential of assistance at this level, which then helps you spill over into increasing your frequency into the next level of perceptive awareness — aka, the next dimension.

Moving into 5th Dimensional awareness is however, a big deal.  This is because living in 5D we must release all fear and live from our Higher selves (Soul) and we will be able to perceive many, if not most or all dimensional beings beyond 5D.  We graduate to living among and with all other consciousness and are able to receive the benefits of life without fear ideals, emotions and behaviors.  But fear belief systems permeate literally every facet of our life and so to have it gone in a snap of a finger would devastate the constructs within and without our bodies.  Fear doesn’t just disappear.  You have to identify each level of it in your life and body and release and replace it for its opposite truth.

In essence we have to die to the idea that life does not exist without holding onto our physical bodies like a life raft.  Die to the idea that we are just this body and it’s limitations.  LIVE FROM the ideal and truth that it is our consciousness that creates our physical body and when we properly treat, feed, rest, play and so on in our physical body, it lives to be a supportive ally to our consciousness.

| “What if you have lived in a fear conditioned state (living from fear- or from anxiety—a cousin of fear), fear of something going wrong, fear of death of the physical, fear of pain etc., for 70 or more years?”

Intelligence and Meditation

  It is so within the fabric of living life in 3D that most are not aware they are being run by fears of some sort or another.  As a result of living in this state, tissues will be exhausted and weak from being in this state for so long. As such when frequencies are increased, which puts pressure on them to drop any poisons they have picked up from the environment over those 70 years, they might be too weak to both release toxins of a physical type and belief/thought system type at the same time.  The emotional shock alone can cause the tissues to collapse.  If you are in emotional shock from realizing life has not been what you thought AND releasing toxins which have “propped up” the cells in their function for years, it can cause the demise,  just from the stress of it, of the organism — the human being.   It is therefore,  not an outside “germ”, real or not, which has caused the death of any human beings over the past couple of years and especially the past year. The frequencies have been rising precipitously especially since December 2012.  It’s why those with already active diseases (which is the result of belief systems not being in alignment with body energies) were particularly fragile and succumbed.  Remember belief systems are what cause wars and they are what cause disagreements.  They are stronger than steel, the construct around which tissues are held in place, and so can, when shocked into a challenge, cause the demise of a fragile organic organism.

There is no new normal.  There is no going “back to normal”.  There is evolution into awareness beyond what the institutions in our world led us to believe were the constructs for our belief systems.  “Where we’re going there are no rules.”, said the character “Doc” in the movie “Back to the Future.”  This is the most accurate evaluation of what is going on right now.  Cleansing and clearing all the outdated ideas about how life operates and opening up to “no box” in which to live and cling to, there really are no rules except those within the laws of energy.   One main truth I know operates among ET/Light Higher Intelligence is “non-interference”.  There is an agreed upon understanding that we must allow one another to evolve at our own rate and unless that being asks for help, we must stand aside even if we see them spiraling downward into confusion.  Sovereignty is best gained by allowing that person the “fall” so they can regain their power. It doesn’t mean you don’t help them but it does mean discerning between rescuing (too much “help”) and actual help which empowers the individual.  Quite the opposite of how a fear based society teaches to rescue one another. 

No Rules of a conscious and highly evolved society of beings means there is no conflict needed because the higher your harmonic and stable frequency, you have less interest in creating trouble.  You live from peace and create joyful moments and constructs.  It’s not a free-for-all, the way children would look at it and get themselves into trouble.  Free society of highly evolved beings means peace and good will.  Look at Tibetan Monks — evolved conscious beings — peace loving, sincere, equality among all beings — ideals from which they live. 

My work is about teaching you via the energy I can bring to you, to take back your awareness and power as a conscious energy being.  I help you when you are stuck but you must reflect, meditate and realize and release the fears that still run your life.  This is how you help the process of us moving into a new society based on love and not fear.  It’s hard to imagine that such a thing could actually be manifesting.  But this truly is what all the craziness is about when you get down and look under the hood of the vehicle driving it all right now.  

YOU Can Make The Change

Carve it out.  Take the time. Look under your own hood and free yourself from all your unconscious fears.  Do it now because it makes you stronger by healing and therefore changing your DNA—no kidding.

Once you identify a fear or anxiety or other pattern, you can begin to release it by using the following mantra.


  1. Source (Creator, God — whatever you believe), take this fear of ______ from me.
  2. I have learned all I can from it.
  3. I release it now.
  4. I accept the healing.


Say this 3-4 times and observe how it can change your state of feeling and mind.  If you find yourself overwhelmed and having to repeat it too many times over a period of days…I’m here if you need help.

Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.
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