Look at it objectively

Let’s clarify what it means to be Empathic

Being empathic means you “identify and understand another person’s situation, feelings and motives”.  To identify and understand means to look at it objectively.  By definition then, if you are feeling to extreme another’s person’s emotions that is an indication of something else in addition to being empathic.  It is an indication of your strength of sensitivity AND a self healing opportunity for you to become a better healer which is what an Empath actually is.

When we feel to extreme another person’s situation, feelings or motives, our body and mind are more than merely identifying and understanding; we are acting out the other’s emotions in our own bodies/mind. This is sympathy not empathy.  There isn’t anything bad or wrong about acting in resonance or sympathy with another in certain key situations.  However, many online articles have misled empaths into believing that “feeling to extremes” is somehow “normal” and some sort of “cross to bear” for an empathic person. This is false.  Sympathetic reactions to another’s emotion, in the extreme do not allow the empath to use their strength of sensitivity as a power.  In too much sympathy, their power falls short.

Being a very sensitive person is no different than being good at mathematics, physical agility or playing an instrument.  It’s just what we are here to be and do. If empath’s think of themselves as gifted, this turns on the ego which in turn prevents their healing channel from being completely open and neutral for the purpose of healing first and foremost, ourselves.

Being sensitive to energy is part of the human spectrum of sensory abilities.   Some of us have more sensitivity than others but it needs to be a choice.  If we are unable to “zip up” and create a boundary to keep ourselves from feeling other people’s emotional imbalances then we need to learn about what it really means to use sensitivity as a power without it causing distress in the process.

 When we recognize that we are an Empath but tend to act as a Sympath or feeling another’s emotion to extreme then we can begin the process of finding assistance for our sympathy reactions in order to get on with the business of learning our how are sensitivity is a power that this world needs. 

 So if you feel you are an Empath, your task is two fold.  Get some help with those sympathetic reactions and then find a teacher who can help you build your field and energy and boundaries and learn how to use your power as a sensitive.


Always remember that when you become aware that you are feeling someone else’s emotion, that this is an opportunity for healing yourself, NOT a reason to avoid that person or go talk to them about “their problem”.  Remember in those moments too that as a self identified Empath you are  exhibiting the first step in awareness that you are a conduit for healing energy.    As healing conduits we are not meant to be awash in a sea of emotion of anyone near us who has emotional distress. 

What happens when the empath heals themselves of feeling others emotions which in turn heals their unresolved emotions stored in their cellular memory, fascia and epi-genetics is they become neutral and skilled channel of healing energy and light.  When I say neutral I do not mean indifferent, I mean compassionate.  You can not be fully of use to a person in emotional pain without neutrality about what they are going through.  That neutrality is felt by them as compassion.  Empathy therefore is actually the ability to have pure compassion that comes from having dealt with those events or feelings that person is in stress over in that moment.

Becoming the healing channel you are meant to be as a sensitive person, means that you must live life a bit to have experiences that teach you.  There is no fast track for becoming a conduit to channel pure energy that can provide someone with spontaneous and instanteous healing of illness or relationship.  Getting out of the way can happen in a treatment room for a massage therapist or other therapist but over time, if they do not recognize their sympathetic reactions and see them as a reflection to themselves about what they need to heal, they will eventually burn out or become ill.

It is the empath or better titled, healer, that must reframe and understand what they are, as I am explaining here, before our culture will understand them.  Our culture does not recognize empathic ability as a life’s purposeful work.  They see it  as a weakness or worse, a problem for the person.  So most empaths have come to believe that their sensitivity is their “cross to bear” and a sad way of being rather than the first stage of awareness which requires seeking out assistance from an experienced and well trained medium who can teach them how to heal themselves using their channel.  I can’t be more emphatic about it.  Boundary and excessive sensitivity issues come from epigenetic patterns from our early life or ancestral patterns and these subconscious issues must be dealt with in order be able to use the healing channel effectively and without so much drama.

Excessive emotional reactions, for one who sees themselves as an empath is a sympathy reaction and means only that their channel has opened and requires guidance for its use and to end the cycle of the extreme symptoms you experience in crowds or even with your family members.

The beauty of the well balanced and healing Empath is one who can sense another’s pain or emotion but does not experience, as if their own, that person’s symptoms. They are the epitome of compassion.  A true Empath is a kind of intuitive healer whose channel is open and is in development (taking classes and practicing at home daily)  toward higher frequency work of mediumship, trance etc.  Identifying and understanding another’s emotional pain using the spectrum of sensory skills available to us in conjunction with an open channel is how healing others is an easy, joyful pleasure and can be profound and life changing for one seeking healing.

Once  identified as an overly sensitive person who is having sympathy reactions (misnamed empath), they must not remain in this place for long.  It is not a type of person or “just how I am” now.   Taking on other’s energies and processing them for them can have devasting effects on the hormonal system thereby eventually causing disease.  It may be a factor for the rise in cancer diagnosis in American culture.

Because the channel often opens without warning,  the brain and belief systems of the person prevent personal boundaries from shifting to protect differently than they have been. This opens them up to, the still in abundant numbers of people, who don’t know how to clear their energetic imbalances for themselves and are using the empath inappropriately.

Mdium and energy healer in Jacksonville beachEmpathic people will tell you that they can feel someone in a crowd pulling on them.  This is not that they are being attacked but that the person who is connecting through them is just trying to heal themselves subconsciously and has found you in the crowd.  This person is not in awareness that they too have the ability to connect and heal and so are actively seeking, probably regularly, humans to clear their pain through.  I cannot emphasize enough that these people who appear to “feed” on empathic people, are not bad people.  They simply do not know how to recharge their energy stores via their own channel. It is the job of the sensitive person whose channel has opened to take it seriously, take responsibility  and seek the necessary guidance.

When the empath notices who is drawing down on them recurrently, this does not mean they must reject or eject this person from their lives.  There are many facets to address in order to handle this gently and easily for all concerned.  In fact, most of the time regular “feeders” are family members and the empath must heal themselves and then change certain key behaviors that will end the cycle of being drained by their family member.

There are more and more people noticing they are more sensitive than they used to be.  This is an indication more people are stepping onto this path for healing our world.  The purpose of the opening of their channel, with its sometimes problematic over-sensitivity,  is for healing.  Healing is resolving pain, grief and other stress. It is done one person at a time beginning with self and then others. Empaths next task is to continue to heal themselves which raises their working energy field vibration which in turn leads them to the next level of their development into intuitive, mediumship and trance work. The main difference between these levels is merely the frequency at which they will work.  Clearing up their own personal issues on the cellular, fascial and epi-genetic levels is what allows the frequency to raise, the skill set to broaden and power of their healings to increase. It is the working energy that they learn from and are led by to find the population that will be their niche. 


Most Empaths are mediums “in the raw”.  Becoming an authentic medium requires self healing tools, skill development and practice.  A medium is one who either was born this way with their boundaries intact and able to operate their channel, or more commonly, is one who’s channel opened after diligent spiritual/life work.  There is no fast track to development of an Empath/Healer and their skill set.  It is very much hinged upon the ability of the individual to process their epi-genetic current lifetime and ancestral pain and patterns.  This process is a slow one for most people.  Change in our 3D world is designed to be slow so that each change we make to our thoughts/feelings becomes our behavior.  With each facet of change it is days to weeks to in process to implement it into our day to day life.  This is due to the way the human brain changes patterns.

My work both sessions of my Epigenetic Reprogramming and my energy skill classes can help the budding Empathic Healer. Please contact me for further information.

Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.
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