There is a source of healing available to all humans regardless of religion or race 24/7 no matter whether the ailment is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  It is a question of teaching the mind and the body to be still and quiet and in a receptive state so that our field opens up and the healing may be received.  The skills you learn in my classes teach you how to calm the body and mind, even in the most stressful of your life situations, so that healing unique to you and your needs may be received.   There is no person or technology on earth, nor will there ever be, that can provide this kind of tailor made healing for all the levels of you in that moment in time. While I guide you in the process, in a group setting, you must be an active participant in learning how to initiate this science based process on your own, after class.  This is a class to teach you how to develop or deepen your home practice.

In the three hours of this course, I teach you the basics which when mastered will enable you to take the next set of courses for deepening your healing ability of self and others using skills such as mediumship and trance healing.  Trance healing is a deeper form of a Reiki type of healing.

This month class will be held at Shine Holistic Wellness Center in the High Tide Yoga Studio next door to the center.  The address is 353 6th Avenue South, Jacksonville Beach, FL  32250.  This is a big and beautiful room well suited to comfort and success in learning these meditation skills.

Chairs are needed for this form of meditation.  We will be sitting in padded metal folding chairs without arms.  If you are more comfortable with a chair with arms that more fully supports your body, please email me from my website to let me know this so that a chair will be provided for you.  The goal for this meditation type is complete release of tension in the body which requires that our bodies are fully supported by a good chair.

1:30pm to 2pm Introduction to the framework– free

If you have never sat in meditation with me, you must attend this 30 minute introduction where the framework and language is explained so that you can attend the experiential class that follows.

Handouts:  Chakra Balancing Technique                                         Diagram:  Where is my Spirit and Soul?

2:15pm to 5:15pm:  Meditative Healing class—Open to all whether you have meditated or not– $30.00


A group healing is given based upon the needs of the group which registers.  Next we learn or deepen, if you have taken this class before, the healing and balancing of the Chakras.  A frequency healing technique is taught along with a student trade in learning how to feel the layers of the auric field and provide healing via these fields for self and others. At least 2 guided meditation experiences are done over the course of the our time together in order to help you remember the process for home use.

Feedback from your experience is encouraged in order for me to help guide you into the best connection possible for you to receive deeper and more frequent healing.

Please RSVP by June 15 so that Spirit and me will know who will be in attendance in order to prepare the healing that is coming to you.  RSVP by sending me an email calling/texting me with your intent and contact information including email address.






Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

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