American culture, as a whole, is not a culture steeped in knowledge or understanding of the necessity for human beings to utilize skills which can heal on levels deeper than an MRI scanner can ever begin to see or understand.

The word “spiritual” has developed a misperception of it’s definition and truth. Spiritual does NOT mean religious. One can be religious but not Spiritual and Spiritual but not religious. Religion merely means being faithful to a set of dogmas, or rules. One can be religious about their diet as well as beliefs. Spiritual means to be focused on the non-material or non-physical aspects of ourselves as a way toward understanding another reason or purpose for our existence or to attain self knowledge and healing that is beyond scientific understanding.

Spiritual technologies are those techniques and methods which assist a human in attaining connection to the great energy source or “web” to which we are all connected. Historically, meditation has been the one method utilized by many previous cultures which provided their connection to the great energy source from whence we all came. But we have reached a time when meditation isn’t enough to heal us, we have to utilize other techniques collectively called Attunement skills. These are skills I teach and that have brought healing to myself and so many others in my practice.

The physics principle, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed” is applicable to this discussion about healing energy skills. Just as the atom is more energy than substance, and we are made up of atoms, we too are more energy than substance. It is time to embrace and live this understanding. With this very basic mis-perception about the origins of our physical and energy bodies cleared up, it is only natural that we now look to techniques, skills and methods which allow us to “tune-up” or update the main substance of which we are most comprised.

It is only recently that science has begun to explore what goes on when someone meditates. From psychological research we know that meditation of 15 minutes per day can act as an anti-depressant. We know from another study done about 15 years ago, that 15 minutes of meditation can double the number of stem cells in our blood stream on their way to healing things we are not aware need fixing. The use of meditation is profound medicine, or shall I say “medication”.

There are many ways in which people meditate. For some, meditation is an act, perhaps of washing dishes, that focuses their mind to calm it down. For other’s meditation is an activity which gives them a blissful feeling and for others it provides “spiritual experiences” which are deeply healing on many levels.

Many people say they cannot meditate because they have an overactive mind. These are the people who most need to learn a skill or method of meditation. My teachers who have been trained by generations of energy teachers, know that unless we can, at will, turn off our racing brains, we cannot receive the healing that it is our birthright to receive which keeps us healthy and prevents disease of the brain and body.

Meditation is, therefore, a state of being that when cultivated creates a passive state or blissful detachment from our day to day existence. However, the better you become at this, the more you are likely to actually be using attunement skills rather than meditation skills.

Attunement is a state of being or bringing into harmony. It is a feeling of being at “one” with someone or something. Attunement is an active state where Creative Intelligence enters your energy field and actively creates change for your Soul, Spirit or Energy Body which in turn changes your physical body or other manifestations in your life.

Healing or resolution to ailing bodies or relationships or other deeply held blocks to our happiness, growth and enjoyable forward progress, does not happen completely without attunement to the greater energy source that makes change in the energy aspects of ourselves first.

I have come to understand that meditation is the effort to quiet our bodies and minds and attunement skills bring the healing to you. Meditation is a passing phase of the greater skill set of Attunement techniques used to heal us on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

These are the skills most needed by people of the 21st century. We have reached a point in human history where our thinking minds and intellectual knowledge base are not enough to solve the problems that we and our ancestors have created. We need help from a Source which has eyes and ears far and above our senses and thinking abilities.

Whether your belief system is one of science or of spirituality, there is a mathematically proven source of energy deep within the core of the universe to which we are connected and can provide us with “recharge” and insight beyond what our “little” mind do on their own. If you wish to explore the mathematical side of this energy source, begin your search with reading Carl Johan Calleman, Ph,D’s, The Nine Waves of Creation. In the first 75 pages you will find all you need.

Self Healing skills are also known as Attunement skills. If you train your body and brain to shut down like you shut down your computer and then allow the Energy You to connect with this gigantic source of energy (attunement) you will heal and resolve situations and relationships in your life, that you thought would never be remedied. It will also take you on a journey into yourself that not only will fascinate you but will bring to you aspects of yourself you never dreamed you needed or wanted. This makes you more joyful and effective in your life and relationships.

All those things you think you cannot heal or resolve within yourself, you can and you will, if you are willing to be trained in the skills necessary to make this possible. The skills I teach in my classes are these skills. You can, whether you believe you meditate or not, learn and practice these skills. They are skills that have only been utilized by a small percentage of humanity in past millennia, but is it now time for the majority to learn them in order to move themselves and the collective forward into a future of unity.

I encourage you to experience the healing possible in either a private session with me or in one my classes. See my recent blog post for dates of upcoming classes.

Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

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