New energy healing

Last summer I was attracting a large number of clients whose problems, toxicity of all types and imbalances where challenging me to the extreme.  One morning after my usual attunement with Source I heard, ‘throw out the rules’.

I thought “They” were just talking about the rules of which frequencies to treat for certain amounts of times and other “rules”, of which there aren’t really that many, as they pertain to the application of vast numbers of frequencies I apply to the body via generating units I use.

 However,  I’ve been shown in the past month, that “They” were talking about ALL rules of our society, life and any rule you might be living by in your head that you have made up over your life based upon life experience.

As a medium and energy healer, expecting the unexpected and hoping for those miracles is routine because my camp (healers) knows, not just believes, that this is a truth even if miracles aren’t yet “routine”.  Yes, many of us have been called “dreamers” and overly optimistic but there are enough written and unwritten stories that they DO happen which humanity has carried down through the ages.  But because most people around me expect failure or expect what the narrative says is what is “supposed” to happen from this action or that situation, it’s not always easy for me to 100% live that knowing.  I have seen miracles.  I have assisted Infinite Intelligence in their creation both in myself and others.  To make something vanish prior to now,  still required a bit or sometimes great effort, though.  But miracles by definition needn’t require great effort.  How do we make this leap into effortless miracles sans rules?

 I use the system called Frequency Specific Microcurrent ( which generates microampures (1/10,000th of a household ampure) of electrical sine waves to effect cellular communication thereby assisting them in returning to normal function.  

Prior to now, for example, if you seek understanding for a set of symptoms via the present health care system and are given a certain diagnosis, there is then a list of expected symptom and rules to live by AND problems and you should also expect ‘xyz’ to befall you, as well, over time.  This isn’t the rule anymore.

Current Health Care System

Part of living on the bridge between 3D and 5D is living in 4D.  Makes sense.  We can’t just skip over this bridge.  4D is about living in the moment without judgement or assessment of what you are seeing in front of you.  If what you are seeing needs attention, then in that moment from your heart space will appear what to do to help or assist what you are seeing.  This requires that you suspend what you have been taught is what you are supposed to do to with or think or believe about what you are seeing.  In other words, “throw out the rules”. 

Rules have been good things.  Historically, rules and known limitations or boundaries have provided a safe feeling for most of us.  We know this to be true for raising children.  Children, in their vulnerable state, needed to have a known and reliable set of foundations upon which they could rely so that they could grow and evolve into a stable, well adjusted adult.   But what if now, as we know, in 5D, there is no more need for protection or safety because there is no more fear.  Then the only “rule” is loving kindness to self and others.  If unconditional love is THE foundation of this new earth, then rules aren’t necessary because no matter what you do it will be in alignment with your Higher Self and by extension, Source energy. This means there in this new reality there are no more right and wrong choices,  or choices that will harm or mislead, just, as the Buddha once said, experiences are just that experiences, they are not good or bad.

Of all things, it’s been my dog (there is a reason dog is God spelled backward) that has taught me this.   One day about a month ago she woke up and was changed.  Her physical abilities had shifted and her balance and gait were off among other problems.  I tried using the traditional (for me) ways of managing it, microcurrent, chiropractic adjustment and other methods to “fix” it but it wasn’t working quickly like it used to.  Something told me that a diagnosis wouldn’t help either.  Diagnosis is just box and when healing naturally, you have to take each symptom and look at for the energy behind what is causing it in order to see its truth and support the body’s ability to balance it.  Diagnosis has become a scary box and gives a set of rules for now and future, it doesn’t help anymore to have a label for a constellation of symptoms. We have to take it piece at a time. 

But I was in fear for those first few weeks.  Fear of “what might be wrong” with her and what that might mean.  I’ve left that box of fear now as she has shown me day to day that she can change her symptoms and appear completely normal.  I have seen the brightness return to her face and then vanish again.   I have connected her appearance of mind and body and the presenting symptoms to what I might be thinking or feeling that day and, in that moment, and slowly over the past month have allowed myself to be taught by her symptoms and observing them, what they are asking for.  In this way, I am supporting her body, her mind, and her symptoms as a method of her body communicating to me what she needs.  There is no routine (rules) either, to what we do as administration of flower essences, oils or other natural tools. 

I look at her, I feel what I am seeing and then I KNOW what to do for her. 

This is the power of being in the moment.

This morning it was oils and massage down the spine.  This was supportive to her as it enabled her to eat and walk with a better level of success.  But I have also tried in the past month when I see these successes to routinize what I did to produce, “x” success.  She has shown me this doesn’t work either because administering those oils again at “x” time trying to get the same response, didn’t work.   I must be present, in the moment to know what is needed.

Richness in the Moment

SO MUCH RICHNESS in each moment

This doesn’t mean I’m expecting a miracle of return to perfect health as a result of being in the moment with her, supporting her. If I did that would mean I’m expecting something based on a fear of the future or fear of losing her. It also would mean that I am trying to control the outcome which is, by definition, fear of the future.  There is SO MUCH RICHNESS in each moment

The Miracle is in the Moment

What happens as a result of each moment we connect and respond in the moment is not entirely up to what we want because we are all connected. It’s about what is needed in the collective for the collective good. This is also a new way of being on our new earth, in 5D. The Miracle is in the Moment, in the joy of connecting, communicating, and collaborating. If there is a bigger miracle to happen, all we can do is be in our flow and allow.  It’s too complicated to place an expectation of outcome on the future because it all about the NOW.  

Each NOW is what creates the future because as each thought in the present moment opens us into a richer experience beyond what we think we might want in the future.

I have seen this applied in my own life too.  I have always tried to “get it all done” so I am getting all those “good” things into my day to continue to get better and be more productive.  Doing things in this linear fashion, from a list, is based in fear of the future or fear of future pain.  Thank you Luna, you have taught me that just because it’s 6am doesn’t always mean that it’s time (a rule) to attune and that I must do this or that by this time or in this order.  It’s become about what is needed in the moment.

Healing with energy

So, how then do I make appointments and work with clients?
Because we still have 3D bodies, we have to create a pinpoint in time to collaborate without it being too random, at least for right now, this is where we are. Making the appointment, technically a linear concept, doesn’t have to be confining. It’s a pinpoint to meet and commune.

For me, it was making that pinpoint of communing into a big deal when, as the time to connect is established, it becomes part of the “flow in the moment” for that day. Since all time is now, there isn’t a past or a future, only the illusion of those concepts, making that appointment for that day is the same as doing that appointment in this moment.

Living in 3D, 4D and 5D at the same time might seem confusing so I will explain.  It has not been done, according to what other mediums and I have been told, anywhere in the Universe prior to now. 

Higher dimensional existence doesn’t require a 3D body.  This is what all the symptoms we have been experiencing in weird and bizarre combinations and intensity is about.  Our bodies are changing so that we can have a 3D life, enjoy those pleasures of food and physical touch,  without the 3D fear and fear constructs and therefore live in 4D and 5D simultaneously.  

Our bodies must become less carbon based and more crystalline based to withstand the higher frequencies of 5D and coming higher dimensional existence.  This has never happened before, so science isn’t going to recognize what they are seeing and why… yet.

Living in 4D

And our parents told us “you can’t have it all”.  Turns out they were mis-educated (by the narrative’s failure/trauma/tragedy-based-in-profit-belief system of human life), mis-informed and mis-conditioned. 

They were wrong. 

We can and will increasingly as the shift window comes to a close, have it all but we have to choose to see this, believe it and allow ourselves to be present to bring it into being.  ‘The Power of Now‘ is what Eckert Tolle wrote about.  Turns out all our power is in the present moment which can then reprogram/release the past and create the future all from the same moment.

Having it all means, because thoughts create in a 5D reality, then you can think your way back to pristine health, or into a type of lifestyle or career by being in the moment without judging or boxing up what you are seeing. This also means LESS EFFORT, to create the miracle of connection in the now which opens possibilities to the collective good and miracles in the future. Less is More.  Gentler methods of support, like oils or homeopathy or flower essences become all the support our fragile carbon bodies need as we apply the most powerful medicine of Thoughts Create.   These, my dear friends, are the new keys to the kingdom

Rules are out and Miracles are in

They can only manifest in our future by being in the moment, accepting what is, responding to that moment from the heart, and most of all, forgetting all you have been taught about what is “supposed” to happen.


Untapped Sensory Skills

I encourage and challenge you to examine WHY you do what you do everyday in each moment.  Follow it back in questioning.  I bet most of what you will find is “fear of ______” at the end of the line of “why do I do that”.  Its all about intention and the why of what you do.  If you are trying to maintain your health, there still might be a fear of losing it in that intention.  Do it just to do it because it feels good in the moment.  Tomorrow it might not be what you need to do. It might be something else.

 These are our New Superpowers, our untapped extra sensory skills. Free Flow into Miracles can’t happen when rules get in the way— rules of “the plan” or “supposed to”.  Freedom to be and live who and what you were born to be can’t happen inside a box anymore.  Be in the Moment and Allow the Miracles to Flow in THIS moment to become the superhuman you were born to be.

Miracle Dog

Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

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