I have not heard many speak of conflict resolution using the mirror of life and relationships.  This framework is one that became apparent to me as I worked with people and their conflicts within themselves and others.  As I have worked from and with Universal Energy which gives me “a bird’s eye view”, I see things and develop new understanding about our existence and its relative ease or dis-ease.

I have been shown that we live from patterns which then sets up the mirror to help us break them to live more from ease and grace.  I have been shown that we will attract the same energy in what appears in body to be a different person or animal to learn the lesson and break the pattern.  Hence the reason for serial divorce.  The 3D world is one of illusion.  It’s the energy within/behind the physical manifestation that is reality, not the physical form in front of you.  You might think you are marrying a different person but hidden within them/behind them, is the same issue you had with the person you divorced or the parent you struggled with. Soon you are dealing with conflict once again which may end, yet again, in divorce or worse yet, you give up and give in to the pattern and it bring dis-ease. 

This framework is a complex subject.  This post will only touch upon the beginning of understanding how it operates to help you grow and evolve.

This framework begins with understanding that energy is the underpinning for all that is physical, emotional, and relational. The framework ends with a working knowledge of the universal law of attraction which helps us heal things we were unaware needed healing. Heart centered healing, spiritual healing, soul healing and stress resolution cannot be created without conscious application of the Mirror of Relationships.

Ultimately, we are all on a path of Spiritual (Energetic) Development (Spiritual=Energy) and for those of us who want better use of our innate gifts such as telepathy, intuition, and communication with the Spirit realm, we need to clear up the unconscious blocks if we are to easily resurrect and operate these fascinating and healing sensory abilities.

Remember your grammar school science class. When you first saw a drawing of an atom what was most in abundance within it? There is more space between the electrons and nucleus than there is substance or mass. This space is energy. The electrical field created by the interaction of the particles and the energy means that the energy is more than place holder between particles. It has a function of containing information of the non-conscious variety. It is the “substance”, if you will, which is holding the atom together. The particles polarity, therefore, is inextricably linked to the energy itself. It may be, though physics has not yet proven it, that there is information written in and through this energy. It cannot just be dead space; nature wastes nothing. As Albert Einstein said: ‘Matter is energy in physical form.’. We might conclude therefore, that the energy created the particles of the atom and as such is the basis for all things that have mass. Atoms come together in groups called molecules and those molecules come together to create elements and then create proteins, carbohydrates and fats which then make up our cells, tissues, and organs.

The most basic unit of substance of whol-istic (holistic) being then is energy. Our physicality, at first, seems to be the only reality. Bones, blood, muscles, organs, and skin; we are very connected to this vehicle in which we move about this Earth. But Chinese medicine, for 5000 years has used energy to influence the physicality of the human body. Meridians are energy pathways that are separate from the electrical system of the body generated by the connection of electrons using minerals and water as conduction vehicles. Chinese medicine can cause the dissolution of small blockages to end pain cycles and large blockages in the form of cysts and growths. Qi (pronounced “Chi”) is the energy that is in and through our bodies and its stagnation results in accumulation of body substances/fluids which make us feel ill or have any sort of physiological or structural imbalance.

The fascial system of the human body is in and through each muscle, sinew, organ and skin. It is the very fabric on which our bodies are built. It is the substance that surgeons find annoying as it is like sticky plastic wrap getting in the way of their work. From the work of Dr. John Upledger and John Barnes, PT, and in Chinese Medicine the theory of the Triple Burner, we know that fascia is an information highway. Nothing travels faster through the body than on the fascial system highway. It is, as some research indicates, as fast as the speed of light. Dr. Upledger and Mr. Barnes have learned that fascia stores emotion or the residue of a trauma which is the emotion that precipitated the trauma in the first place. The storage of unresolved emotion winds it up pulling muscles and their bone or organ attachments out of alignment. These distortions, misalignments, and resulting dis-ease and dysfunction, therefore, result from unresolved emotions stored in the tissue.

So, our emotion is energy generated by our brain’s and heart’s interfaces with every cell because it is within every cell. We are all aware of positive and negative energy. But did you know different things, a whole person, their specific organs, a table, a plant, all vibrate at different rates? Therefore, Frequency Specific Microcurrent is rapid to heal tissue; it addresses specific tissue at its unique and specific frequency. We have a unique composite frequency and each of our thoughts and beliefs that formulates our behavior sends out reverberations of specific frequencies. There is a great difference in the vibration of a person who is participating in behaviors which generate anger for them and someone who is engaging in behaviors and activities such as playing music, creating art or other uplifting activities. We are what we think (whether we are aware of it or not) which manifests in our choices and behaviors. It is important to do more than think positive thoughts, we must act in positive ways for ourselves. This is leads us to attract what we want in our lives. I have always attracted men with a musical gift into my life. I didn’t ask for that, but it always happens. I am an artist and so my creative vibe has consistently attracted another person with the same type of vibe.

We all like the Law of Attraction when it is giving us that which makes us happy. But it is always in operation whether we like it or not. When we have the same argument or react the same way to a specific person or subject, this too is something we have attracted. We attract these things to help us whether we realize it or not. Certainly, there are situations and people we can choose to relate to, but divorce is more than 1 in 2 in the United States so how does the love of our lives become our enemy within a matter of years?

Attraction is energy; we feel “pulled” toward this person, place, or thing. They have something we like or want, or it feels good to us and so we begin a relating-ship- relationship. We like the way we feel when we are near them but then we get married and after the physiological side of attraction begins to diminish, we look at this person amid an argument and wonder who it is we married because they don’t feel the same to us anymore. Have they or we changed?

We need to remember that we attracted them into our lives not just for the good stuff but also for the unknown stuff that is in the total package. We are all a mixture of positive and negative energies. Serial divorce results from thinking we are marrying a different person but in fact we are marrying the same or similar energy package and expecting different results. Some people do take the time to evaluate and reflect on what their part was in ending the relationship, but most don’t. Those that have been married more than once ultimately learn that the issues that had with the previous spouse can redevelop, perhaps looking a little different, after the initial phase of connection and settling down.

The entire situation results from the fact that most of us do not understand that we OWN OUR EMOTIONS. No one can make us angry. Yes, certainly someone can deliberately attempt to make you angry but if someone is just standing there stating how they feel about a situation, and it MAKES you angry, I ask you: did they reach inside you and turn on a switch inside your body labeled ANGER? Do you have such a switch inside you, and can they reach it? If not, then how did you become angry? YOU allowed yourself to become angry. If it was spontaneous and you couldn’t control it, then how did that happen? Why wasn’t it just another situation to discuss and resolve? Why did you feel that emotion well up and spill over in yourself?

Yes, it was something they said that “made” you angry. But YOU felt the anger, not them. Whatever the subject or cause that makes you angry about, with or in response to another person, lives within you which is why you become angry. For example, if the topic of the argument is “inability to commit to and complete a task”, and this makes you angry because you must finish it for them all the time, where inside you do you have “an inability to commit to and complete a task”? It may simply be imprinted on your DNA (see my next blog on how unresolved emotion can travel over the DNA to future generations). It may not be in your behavior for the most part but if you reflect on it you might find some energetic imbalance within you that is similar. This understanding takes the focus off them and back onto us– not for blame– but for reflection to heal a part of us that is the real gift of our relationship to this person.

The Mirror of Relationships is always in action because it involves the sum of all we are attracted to and that to which we are not attracted. The forces of energy with us and everything or person around us cause our emotional receptors to be tugged on creating an ebb and flow of energy to bring the deeply injured parts of us to the surface for healing.

Yes, you love him or her….but…..the stuff of this person that makes you want to run for the hills, is the stuff that once healed within you, will create a better you than you could ever imagine.

This even works for someone who is in an abusive relationship. The subject is “abusive relationship”. The question for reflection the person needs to ask themselves is how they are, or were, “abusing themselves”. This could be in the form of low self-esteem, self-worth resulting in a belief that has them non-consciously believing they don’t deserve to have a non-abusive relationship. Their behavior out-pictures this belief as they don’t ask for help or leave the relationship. This is the vicious cycle of abuse. In truth the abusive person also has low self-esteem or self-worth which is why they have become a bully. So, the energy system is a match, each person receiving the reflection of themselves.

All of what we see and experience in the world can act as a mirror. Whatever we see that we disagree with in the world, may live within us. By changing that part of us (which is what Gandhi was talking about when he said– BE the change you want to see in the world) which is triggered by something we see in the world that upsets us, we assist the world in changing itself because now we vibrate the truth of that upsetting element in our world.

Gandhi also said that the battles we think we need to fight in our world, is merely a reflection of the battles we have yet to win within our own hearts. Once we accept that our feelings are energy and this energy rises in the form of emotion triggered by the mirror of reflection of ourselves from the people, places and events of our lives, we can free ourselves by using the mirror as a tool for healing. Healing these aspects of ourselves ends passing on these imbalanced feelings and beliefs to our children; improves the quality of our lives; prevents grinding internal conflict from transforming our tissues into dis-ease; gives us more of the kind of life we want; and ends the seemingly eternal distraction from our unique purpose in our life.

Are you using the Mirror of Relationships to heal your life?

Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.
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