To be empathic means you identify and understand another person’s situation, feelings and motives.  By definition then, an empath should not be swept away in emotional drama.  When we more than identify or understand, when we feel to extreme another’s emotions we are acting in sympathy not empathy.  Sympathetic reactions to another’s emotion are not of use.  They do not provide healing for either party.

Being sensitive to energy is part of the human spectrum of sensory abilities.   Some of us have more sensitivity than others but it needs to be a choice.  If you are unable to “zip up” and create a boundary to keep yourself from feeling other people’s emotional imbalances then you need to learn how, when and where to use your ability to sense more than most people.

I am not calling this ability a gift because it really is not. Being overly sensitive is no different than being good at mathematics, physical agility or playing an instrument.  It’s just what you are here to do. If you think of yourself as gifted then this turns on the ego which in turn prevents your healing channel from being completely open, neutral of use for the purpose of healing animals, people, the earth or in partnership with other intelligence for other purposes such as artistic creation or authorship. 

Overly sensitive people who have identified themselves as empaths, are merely exhibiting the first step in awareness that they are a conduit for healing energy.    But if you are overreacting by having symptoms and/or emotions of the other person then you have energetic imbalance that needs education and correction so that you can learn to turn your healing channel off and on at will.  As healing conduits we are not meant to be awash in a sea of emotion of anyone near us who has emotional distress. 

Heretofore humans have always been drawing down on each other in this way—literally sucking the life out of each other. It was more mild 80 years ago because there was more self-responsibility as living life was harder.  Then modern conveniences gave us the luxury to turn our attention to wanting to feel better now that our dishes are washed for us and the elements were easily tamed.  Those members of society who were born with a lesser degree of sensitivity sought out those with a greater degree and began to realize, as any energy system does, that if it hung around the system that made them feel good, they too would feel good.  And this is now how humanity has become one comprised of the extremes of healing channels and feeders.

It is hard to explain to an academic minded person what a healing channel really is and that there are more and more of us opening to this purpose.  This is why there is a misperception about what an empath is.  It is not a perpetual state of being but the first stage of awareness which requires seeking out assistance from a Trance Medium who can teach them how to work with their field and more importantly how to heal themselves and their boundary issues which is what is creating all the extreme sensitivity reactions in the first place.

If you see yourself with all the qualities listed in those online articles about being an empath, the first step is to realize that this is a sympathy reaction and means only that your channel has opened and you require guidance for its use and to end the cycle of the extreme symptoms you experience in crowds or even with your family members.

A true Empath is one who can sense another’s pain or emotion but does not experience, as if their own, the other person’s symptoms. A true Empath is a kind of intuitive healer who channel is open and is in development (taking classes and practicing at home daily)  toward higher frequency work of mediumship.  Identifying and understanding another’s emotional pain using the spectrum of sensory skills available to us in conjunction with an open channel is how healing others is an easy  pleasure and can be profound for the other person.

Once you have identified yourself as a sensitive person who is having sympathy reactions (misnamed empath)  do not remain in this place for long.  It is not a type of person or “just how I am” now.   Taking on other’s energies and processing them for them can have devastating effects on the hormonal system thereby eventually causing disease.  It may be a factor for the rise in cancer diagnosis in American culture.

Because the channel often opens without warning sometimes the brain and belief systems of the person cause personal boundaries too lower too much. This opens them up to, the still in abundant numbers of people, who don’t know how to clear their energetic imbalances (they don’t even realize they have them) and recharge their energy stores via their own channel. It is the job of the sensitive person who channel has opened to take it seriously and get the guidance necessary.

Myths in self-healing energy

There are more and more people noticing they are more sensitive than they used to be.  This is an indication more people are stepping onto this path for healing our world.  The opening of the channel, with its sometimes problematic over-sensitivity, means that their mediumship path is beginning and they need education in self healing  for the issues which are perpetuating the extremes of the opening of their channel and in how to use their channel in a healthy way. 

Becoming an authentic medium requires skill development and practice.  A medium is one who either was born this way with their boundaries intact and able to operate their channel, or more commonly, is one who’s channel opened after diligent spiritual/life work.  There is no fast track to development of mediumship skills.  It is very much hinged upon the ability of the individual to process their epi-genetic current lifetime and ancestral pain and patterns.  This process is a slow one for most people.  Change in our 3D world is designed to be slow so that each change we make to our thoughts/feeings becomes our behavior.  With each facet of this kind of change it is a three week process to implement it into our day to day life.  This is due to the way the human brain changes patterns.

A medium’s work  is to bring visceral healing change, not to merely give information about an ancestor.  The purpose of a medium is as assistant to your ancestral loved one.  Your ancestor can see what is ailing you in your life because they are the one who helped you create the problem you now have.  They can see what you need better than an MRI machine can. It is the job of a medium to be only the PVC pipeline for the manifestation of high frequency energy to move into you direct delivery from your ancestor for the purpose of ending life robbing patterns.   If you are fully open to the receipt of this special delivery, your life will change.  Your pain and the patterns associated therewith will change.


It is also the job of the medium to not analyze or interpret the verbal information given to them for you.   It is the job of the medium to give “word for word” descriptive narrative of understanding of energy they are giving to you.  The greatest challenge on the path of mediumship is learning to quiet the mind and body from input so your energy field dominates. This means that the medium must learn how to use their energy field to communicate with the ancestral intelligence so that your beliefs and ideals do not interfere in the communication between ancestor and sitter. Putting your brain to sleep so that your field is the communicator is a significant hurdle to authentic mediumship.

I took the time to explain what a medium is so that those who have identified themselves as “empaths” realize that this awareness is the very beginning of a new path for them.  There is a lot of work to be done on all levels of them in order for the over-sensitivity to end and the work of learning to use the open channel can begin.  It is a starting point, not a state of being, ending point.  We do love our labels here in America.  In short, a medium is a conduit for the transfer of high frequency energy for the purpose of healing any and all things human.  It takes daily practice and other processes for this work to be authentic.

I have developed to the point that I practice now as a Trance Medium. This merely means that I have reached a level of ability enabling transfer of higher frequencies energies for healing others or myself.   There is always higher and higher frequencies we can work toward transferring.  This is how all the “miracles” of healing you know about via the great spiritual healers have occurred.  To attain these levels you keep working with people, taking classes with tutors, and most of all practice what you learn in class at home.  The higher frequency energy that is transferred the more direct, spontaneous or instantaneous and complete the healing can be.  Complete disappearance of a disease is possible if the energy transferred is high enough frequency and the person is fully open in belief system and body to receive it. Most of us are afraid of being well, as counterintuitive as that might seem.

I train bi-annually with a British medium.  I do this because in England, mediumship is a profession that requires certification before a magistrate.  In America, mediumship is called “psychic” and this is an incorrect term for true mediumship.  I am certain you have heard of them. A psychic can be a medium but not all psychic’s are authentic mediums.  Psychics work off other energies and may not necessarily be working with high frequency.

My Self Healing Energy Skills classes teach all levels of “empaths”, intuitive type healers with a view toward development of effective, authentic transfer of healing energy.  If you have found yourself overly sensitive with symptoms or are interested in improving your accuracy with intuitive, spiritual, or mediumship readings, my classes will help you progress on your path.  I have a class coming up on November 17. Please email me from my website to register at least a week in advance of the class as I must prepare a class tailored for each participant.

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Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

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