Recall, from my previous blogs, that the only way we will rebuild strong communities is through each of us becoming whole, complete, and sovereign to ourselves. Releasing habits like codependency and feeling loved even if people in your world don’t act lovingly toward you is necessary on the path to strong, sovereign individuals that create an unbreakable chain in the communities formed with such individuals. But the biggest payout for the devotion and commitment to self healing is the invaluable dividend it provides: no one can control you. Part of the reason we avoid self healing and focus on another is because we want to feel loved. But that love doesn’t come from another, it never has.

Self Healing Is Your Birth Right

Most people have never felt loved, truly cherished and supported, without human involvement.  You might think it’s impossible.  The truth of this love and how we learn to receive it is knowledge that has been withheld from us.  Yes, this was done on purpose, but we needn’t get into why. All that matters is that we are re-educated and learn how to connect to feel this love, which is your birthright.

Back 15 years ago when I became aware that self healing was what I was helping my clients engage with, I mentioned it to a referred prospective client. I used the phrase, “teaching self healing” and she interrupted me yelling that she couldn’t do that but wanted someone to fix her.  Of course, our conversation was over at that point.  Most of you reading this know the days of “being fixed” are long over.  Self Healing is not an easy path mainly because it makes you be honest with yourself and face areas of weakness and failure. This is hard for all of us. But once you learn that these areas which we are reluctant to admit to, assess, understand, learn the roots of and then set out to change, are the diamonds in our life that lead us to be free, whole and complete, the process of self healing becomes less unwelcome.

Self Healing Reprograms Your MindBody

The upheaval that the impending shift and ascension process are creating in each of us, pretty much daily, necessitates that everyone engage in this level of self-care.  Self Healing is at the least getting the rest and appropriate foods/drinks but more importantly it is learning to reflect, hear and then listen and make new choices without needing validation or support from outside sources.  Tough stuff when in the world today, where we have been conditioned to go outside of ourselves for nearly every need.  Those days are over.  

I have people in my life who won’t let themselves see that there are areas that need work.  It insults them to have it mentioned.  These folks are usually harboring trauma from years past and therefore have a high defensive wall up around themselves. They insist because “it’s in the past” it’s over and it has shaped them and they don’t believe there’s anything to be done.  I mention the 1980’s movie “Back to the Future” to help the understanding of how we can release trauma stored in the tissue that is in the “past”.  Yes, the past is an illusion, as all time is now, but that makes it like 0’s and 1’s of your computer — reprogrammable.   This process of reprogramming, like in the movie, changes your present reality to much better than your brain can currently imagine.  But even more important it resolves emotional weakness and restores emotional strength, which is a super power. 

Open Up to Source Energies

Releasing these traumas using tools designed to work with our brains pattern keeper protector, are the ticket to “passing go to collect $200” which then frees you into living in the 5D.  If they could but realize this. You can lead the horse to the water but… 

It may also be that it is their path of self healing to not address these shadow areas of themselves and so we must let them own their path, whatever the outcome and how it might make us feel. 

The healing of deep patterns and emotional traumatic wounds is something we can learn to do but we must first learn to be still and open to Source energies.  Initially Self Healing is allowing one’s self the space, time and distance from others and the “being busy” of life.  When we take this much needed time, slowly, as the body and brain settle down into a restful place, which can take days or weeks or even months, truths and old patterns, events, and emotions surface and can be released.  But when you rush through life going from one thing to the next believing that being busy and perpetually occupied without more than a full night’s sleep, the mind, body, spirit can’t provide it’s full potential ability to help you release pent up, old stress.  Our bodies store these things. So many practitioners have submitted much data in their books and lectures to us about how and why this happens.  So no need to prove this fact anymore.

“Light bulb” moments, new awareness, new options, and new choices cannot and will not happen unless we take time away from our lives — more than a few hours or a day per week.  We have all been conditioned to believe that it is righteous to be busy and “work hard” — more correctly stated — “over work”.  That somehow to constantly be working and busy is going to give you something valuable in the long run of life.  Extended breaks of a month or more  or taking several days off in a row on a regular basis,  are needed for deep healing of old wounds.  Often most don’t even realize they are harboring old wounds and there is a part of the brain that will, when conditioned in that direction, make you think because “it’s in the past”, it’s done.  This is one of the biggest lies we have ever been taught.

Look Within and Thrive 

Most people think being still is at least boring, and at worst, terrifying. Again, another conditioned, programmed response passed down generation to generation.  Most have been conditioned to be dependent nearly every moment on someone, something, outside of themselves for soothing.  So how do we break through this nearly hardwired pattern in order to break free into our true self and receive our good, beyond what we can imagine? And how do we break free of the dependency for soothing offered from those we have come to lean on? More importantly WHY would we want to break out into our true self and end dependency on substances or someone outside us? Some say, why fix what ain’t broke?

It’s time to THRIVE, not just survive, and end continually licking our wounds or seeking soothing for them.  We have either never known thriving — or we don’t know that we aren’t — and have never given it much thought. Still more narrative conditioning over the ages.  Thriving only comes when peace is found within and needs are met without co-dependency. 

It requires some effort to make a sacred space for ourselves and then actually make a choice to take the time to sit in that space and begin. To get into the deep stuff that our brains will help us avoid, you have to simply begin. Learning to meditate is the first step.  Passive meditation is learning how to calm the brain and body to prepare it for active meditation where healing energy comes through you, where you receive downloads of information or healing that will come into your awareness when it’s time.  Once learned and practiced, active meditation will bring the energy needed to raise your awareness of what pattern, event, or emotion needs to be released and what new choices need to be made.  Active meditation is where all the healing energy ever brought on to earth via Reiki, mediumship, trance, and prayer comes from.  There is only one Source of healing energy.  

Active meditation, once it’s practiced consistently, opens your channel to be a conduit of that energy that heals you, your body, your life, and can, as your frequency rises, be felt by those who you encounter in your day to day life.  It’s the big secret of true power.  You’ve had access to it all along but were never told how to access it.

It is in the process of deepening your active meditation skills that you will have experiences with multi-dimensional, higher intelligence, non-terrestrial beings.  In the beginning this is often your loved ones who have crossed whether you knew them or not — great grandparents for example.  As you move into these higher states of consciousness, the benevolent higher intelligence will gently guide you to meeting with whomever you need and you will feel a state of bliss and love so deep, you will never again question whether or not you are loved.

Release Your Traumas And Align With True Power

True power and knowledge will only be accessed, however, once you have put the time in and released patterns, events, traumas, old emotions and their roots in your DNA, but then also made choices consistent with the release of said patterns, traumas etc.  This then puts you in better alignment with divine truths which honor, respect and do no harm to anyone.  You will be tested over time as you clear up your traumas and conditioning and other ego-driven misperceptions which lead us to greed and other low vibrational behaviors.  So this is the ultimate reward of self healing: access to the real power — not false power of greed and superiority and so on.  But there are many rewards along this path to access this power as you heal yourself.  Relationships, better health, and all those things we desire to make a joyful life open to you as you clear up that which has been patterned into your tissue and is directing your life in ways that you don’t want. 

They Are Here To Help

Creating a cocoon of a protected space is needed as you open up your emotional storage to release and transform them.  There are non-physical, non-terrestrial intelligences available to help you as you create this space.  They are real.

First, always send your intention for connection to connect with higher intelligence of Light.  That needs to be a cornerstone of your life, not just when you create a space for self healing.  Then learn about who the Archangels are.  They are real, I can assure you and they work fast for those with good intentions.  I don’t need to list their names.  Research it, learn who they are.  Learn when to call who in because they each have expertise.  There are also other Higher Intelligences that will help you form a protected space AND assist you in seeing and processing these deeper patterns, traumas.  Some like to collectively call them the “Beautiful Many”.  Call in any of these high frequency, benevolent, higher intelligences of peace when you are working with yourself. They are literally there for you and as you clear up your traumas more and more you will feel their actual presence and see them working in your life more and more.  The love, protection and caring I feel from them when I ask for help is superior to anything I have ever felt from a human.  Humans try, God bless them, but the ultimate is claiming your birthright of true, in the moment protection and upliftment, love, healing from the unseen world of Higher Intelligence.

Call Them In

Create your space and call in the Love, Light, and Protection of Higher Intelligence and watch how your world becomes a world of peace within, strong communities without and thriving in ways you could have only dreamed of.  

You know I’m here for sessions, if you get stuck with any part of this process.

Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

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