Although I have talked in this blog about the Mirror of Life and Relationships, I began to wonder just how many of my readers understand and/or are able to use this universal law, especially in view of the recent events in our country.

The application of this principle is difficult at best for most American’s because our society is set up to have us believe in the illusion that someone or something is capable of making us feel bad.  The Mirror of Life and Relationships concept reroutes this illusion to look within to find the cause of the bad feeling; leaving the something or someone out of the equation of responsibility.  It only appears that when we feel bad it is about something so we think the “something” is the cause. Is it easier to blame the bad feeling on someone or something?  Of course!  But true freedom lives where there is no blame of anything outside of ourselves.  How do we teach ourselves to live the Mirror of Relationship so that we can experience inner peace and freedom, regardless of external circumstances?

Some of you may now be thinking, “Oh great, then I am to blame?”  Absolutely not!  There is no blame, only co-creation of circumstances.  From an energetic standpoint, there is no judgment and no blame, only energy patterns that are out of balance.  We are all co-creators and when something happens that we don’t like, we must look to the energy pattern behind the situation and how that pattern might live within us.

We can all agree that our emotions rise up when something is amiss and then “made” angry by someone. We are quick to blame that person for “making” us angry and then we seek to avoid them so as not get angered again. What if that person is someone we cannot avoid such as a parent, child or an elected official?

The Mirror of Life is an active mirror which shows us the things that we have yet to resolve within us or it can be a mirror showing us the progress we have made and need to be proud of.  It is always both.

So how is our life and relationships a mirror to us about us?

Let’s start with the basics.  If you look into an actual mirror what do you see?  You see a REFLECTION of yourself; the characteristics you like and the ones you don’t.  It is the same with the Mirror of Life; you see things and people you like in your life and those you don’t.  After you find a way to center yourself and take a moment of reflective time, look at the person or situation and look at what the concept is that it/they represent to you.  At first, you may think that there is no way that concept exists within you but if you examine the concept a little deeper, you mind find, in a very subtle way, it does in fact live within you.

By way of an example, let’s take the imbalance of bipolar disorder.  Let’s say that your spouse was diagnosed with this condition and you are on the brink of filing for divorce because of all the upheaval, stress and anger it has caused you.  But, having been to a counselor yourself over the years, you know, in fact, you have no such condition so how could this Mirror of Relationships mean anything for you?

When we look at the energy behind the condition of bipolar, we see that there is an up phase and a down phase.  What does this remind you of in life general.? It is an energy pattern of going very fast followed by a period of time where nothing much moves at all.  It is highly likely that if you are in a relationship (remember this means you were once highly attracted to this person to the point that you married them) with a person with the condition (which didn’t develop over night)  that you have some aspect of this pattern within you.  When you use a tool such as ESRT©  or One Brain© you will be able to dig up and remove the energy root in the epigenetics or cellular memory, as to how this pattern of imbalance in your spouse is related to you.  Then, you are taking full responsibility for your anger and feelings about this situation and positively influencing your spouse at the same time whether or not they do any internal work at all.

The cellular memory and epigenetic stress of Michael Jackson is what compelled him to chop away at his face until he was so distorted himself us we barely recognized him as the adult version of the adorable lead singer in the Jackson 5 singing, “A, B, C, easy as 1, 2 3…”.  He could easily be the poster child for my energy work; what not to do.  We are all a genetic combination of our parents and if we have issues with one or the other parent, we will go through periods of time disliking our body parts that may resemble that parent. But at the time you are loathing a body part you are caught up in the stressful emotions and not in recalling that your feelings about that part may have a direct relationship to the layers and levels of stress about that parent or from that parent’s ancestral line.

There is a subconscious, cellular memory and epigenetic reality that most have no idea is running their lives.  Our compulsions and urges to do things drive us daily.  Unless you are in the habit of examining why you do what you do, you will miss some valuable internal speak from your true programming.   This is how we suddenly will end up with something that we did not want and did not ask for.  If there is unresolved conflict in your epigenetic memory in spite of the fact that you are living a life that is completely righteous, you will assist the a process of manifesting exactly what you don’t want.  This is due to these non-conscious harmonics that drive our deepest urges.

The hardest aspect of learning to live the principle of the Mirror of Life and Relationships, is coming out of our victimhood. If we take responsibility for feeling angry or other negative emotion,  because there are no true victims, and we know we are co-creators of our reality and reactive emotional states, then we will be compelled to  look inside to our cellular/epigenetic/non-conscious emotions that acted like a magnet attracting this situation to us which then draw our attention to the unresolved stress living inside of us.

The shock and anger that have risen up inside of us since the election is, in accordance with application of the Mirror of Life, an indication of  the unresolved cellular memory or epigenetic conflict within each one of us, that looks just like (as in a mirror) what is going on in the world in front of you.  The hinge, therefore between the two worlds is your emotional state.  It is the bridge that will help you find the aspects of your epigenetics and unresolved patterns that assisted in creating the reality you now see.

By accessing them and making the simplest of changes using imagination, new feelings and visualization in the inner world at the level of the epigenetic or cellular memory energy level, you won’t just feel better but you will suddenly have new original ideas about how to deal with the repulsive outer reality, which you would otherwise never have thought of, even if you are the most intellectually brilliant person in the world.

The only way we ever know what is actually going on inside these inner worlds is when something isn’t going our way or the way of freedom, openness, and acceptance—which is the way of truth and love.  Our negative emotions are the red flags of our inner world stress waving to get our attention.

Think about it, is there EVER a reason to become angry?  Not really.  If we are mature adults with adequate means by which to express ourselves there is a way to resolve the conflict without devolving into fisticuffs.  If we are, open and accepting of the path to resolution AND applying the Mirror of Life and Relationships {which means that we are not and will never been victims and are willing to take responsibility for how that same conflict lives within us from an unresolved conflict from this lifetime (cellular memory stress) or an ancestral conflict (epigenetic conflict) } then all conflicts will be resolved in short order with very little discussion.

I will grant you that there are people who refuse to negotiate and will not stand down in their attempt to control the situation and when we are up against this type of individual or organization, it means a lot more inner work must take place from the more enlightened party involved.   It’s a mirror afterall and it would not be happening if there wasn’t something for you in it.

I am inspired by people who have lived before us and made a hard line out of the idea of peaceful conflict resolution—non-violent resolution. There was so much violence in our world everywhere prior to the election and now there is a representation of that violence, who appears to want to not only perpetuate violence and conflict but create more of it. Most of us prefer to turn the channel to avoid our children from seeing violence or move to a neighborhood without violence rather than deal with the unresolved violence in our ancestral past—and there has been a lot of it.  Every person alive right now has an ancestor who went to war or was directly effected by it   On that one premise alone, nevermind all the family patterns related to other types of conflicts on a smaller scale,  it is easier to see how we have created this the current conflict.

Those of us on that are conscious and aware of the potential destruction of the progress of humanity and our relationship with all life thereon, we are the ones responsible to resolve our inner conflicts.  As we resolve ours, we offer the energetic pathway for all those connected with us to make the changes they need to get us and keep on the path to greater harmony and less violence in the world.

Fighting verbally or physically with those less conscious serves no purpose.  Both Nelson Mandella and Mahatma Gandhi knew, lived and spoke the truth of these conflicts.  They are best fought inside of us non-violently.  Nelson Mandella  said, “As we liberate ourselves from our own fear (anger, stress etc) our presence automatically liberates others.”   Our inner world is the next frontier.  To get stronger in our world together, we need to explore and conquer this frontier each one of us individually.

We are destined to repeat history unless we do things differently each time we are faced with them. The last frontier of working with our inner world is a deeply powerful way to end repeating history either in your personal life or in our country.  The work I do has not only healed me and continues to heal and resolve each issue, physical, mental or emotional that might arise but my discovery of it’s potential as a new frontier for healing the undercurrent that is energy driving this current conflict, is a the way out of this current darkness that so many perceive has resulted from this election.

This work is possible to learn to do for ourselves; some of do it without realizing it.  Those centenarians I have met and interviewed have an inner automatic ability that is similar to the one I do and teach others to do for themselves.   They have only lived this long because they innately use a skill, without consciously realizing it, that resolves these cellular and epigenetic stressors.

As Gandhi said, all the tyrants of history have and will always fall. So either way, things will change.  It is my hope that I can teach more people to use a non-violent inner process to heal the conflicts that face us so that no more violence is necessary to rebalance the battle between dark and light—once again.

Are you upset about this recent election?  Or has this conflict coincided with some recent conflict between you and a family member or friend?  Do you feel as though we are doomed and that things will get worse now?  These are all feelings that while real and justified have deeper roots and once healed can change the course of history in ways that you can see now, in your pain.  I keep hearing interviewers discuss that most Americans today in fact believe in equality for all and eliminating discrimination so let’s all work as individuals to clear up our respective inner turmoil so that we can simultaneously add to  changing what we think will happen into what we all know we want.  When you use the Mirror of LIfe with a view toward clearing up your inner turmoil, even if things don’t seem “that bad” right now to you, you are adding positive energy to the combined social, economic and human rights  tidal wave that is trying to bring us the things we all want.

Using a process such a ESRT© or One Brain ® is the system our brains need to allow  this change in our epigenetics and cellular memory.  Become the change today; invest in your future and that of our country.

Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

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