Going within, to the inner world, as Gandhi said, is the only way to resolve conflict.  If conflict exists in the world you are perceiving with your physical eyes, or within your physical body, then conflict exists within your inner world.  The only way to resolve this conflict is to embrace a “birds eye view” and new framework for healing this conflict and resulting imbalance.  Not much else has ever worked in our lifetime to completely resolve conflict.  So why not try this method?

It takes time for us to grasp, learn and internalize a new way of perceiving life and a framework for helping us resolve conflict. Time.  Yes. That commodity that most think they have little of.  Perception.  Decide to have more time and you will.  5D living is about CREATING what you need and want.  Decide to take the time to learn and process and your life and body will change.  Remember, we have been conditioned to believe we don’t have time.  This conditioning is the illusion.  Step out of the illusion and into 5D living of creating life the way you need it to be. 

Read The Mirror of Life and Relationship before this one to get a basic understanding of the mirror before you try to operate it.

When you look in the bathroom mirror are there things you don’t like? Are there things about your countenance or body that you DO like? It’s the same for our lives. There are situations and people we like and those we don’t. Our life’s likes and dislikes which are the Mirror of our Life.

If we are in a relationship to someone else, whether that is a spouse, lover, co-worker, or friend, eventually a conflict arises. There are zero conflicts in which only one person is responsible for the conflict. Using the mirror, we can resolve conflict easily and take responsibility or let go of responsibility where appropriate.

However, when we feel hurt by someone, if is often difficult to rise above the anger or grief and look at the mirror with objectivity and self-reflection. If we give a few hours or a day or so we will then cool off enough to reflect and use the mirror so reparation of the conflict can occur.

After that cooling off period, ask yourself, what is it about that person that bothers me about what they did or how it felt to me? Perhaps you think, “That person was being very negative, and I am not a negative person.” Therefore, if what you are perceiving, energetically/emotionally from the other person is negativity then that negativity also lives in you somewhere, somehow. How and about what are you negative? It might take a little time and reflection to see this in yourself. What things in your life do you believe you can do nothing about, or you have chosen to do nothing about? These might be areas of negativity within you that have caused you to attract a situation that reflected, VIA THE MIRROR OF LIFE, to you, YOUR negativity. The conflict now, is no longer a conflict but an opportunity! A chance encounter to help you go deeper into your past or deeper self to heal that part that has been forgotten and is crying out for help.

This does not diminish the possibility that the person with whom this conflict arose, was or was not negative in the moment or as a person. They may be but that is not for you to decide. When we use the mirror, we stop accusing and blaming other people for why we feel what we feel. We begin to take more and better responsibility for the waves of energy that our field is sending out and receiving.

Our perception of a situation is just our perception. It is not the truth. The truth of a situation is only seen best from when we not in our brains but in our Spirit mind and this is only accomplished by turning off our brains which cause us to judge. When we connect with our Spirit via quieting the mind and body, we can see the “bird’s eye view”. But this is not the case when we are in conflict with another human being. It takes us to go to that quiet place within us to see the truth when our brain isn’t active and in analysis mode.

If you own your feelings then another person cannot, without your permission, make you feel anything negative or positive. We give permission with our unresolved energy in the form of epigenetic emotional pain, about which we are not consciously aware. Once we resolve the area of our deeply held pain with a process that clarifies and diffuses the painful spot in our subconscious or cellular memory, then the situation no longer causes us to feel distressed, even if the same words are said to us again.

Operating the Mirror of your Life, frees you from feeling attacked by life and its situations AND it assists you in healing the places within you that are crying out for you to heal and love them again.

Let’s take a more personal look at how, even without a conflict between you and another in your life, you can heal those deeper parts of you. Is there a place on your body that you don’t like? For example, when we don’t like our breast size, we look at what issues we have in the area of nurturing, as their main purpose is for nurturing. Are we over nurturing ourselves or under nurturing and in what areas? Certainly, there are physiologic causes for too large or too small breasts, but we can become at peace with what we have when we examine and then reflect and take action in those areas of our lives where there is imbalance.

I love to use the example of Michael Jackson to understand this concept. The year he died there was a magazine that laid out his face changes via photos over the years. We all know he created tremendous deformity by chopping away at his face via plastic surgery. He is a perfect example of how what we see in the mirror and dislike is about our inner pain. He had so much money that he did not have to find an inner way to resolve why he didn’t like what he saw in the mirror. And so, he kept chopping away until he looked worse. He was in increasing amounts of pain because it is not changing the outer appearance that will make us feel better inside. It is always finding a way to change how and why we feel what we feel that makes us more attractive to ourselves and others.

The next time someone “makes you feel bad”, learn to operate the Mirror of Life. Your health and your relationships will improve in ways in which you never realized they could or needed to.

This is only meant to give you an idea of how to work with the Mirror.  If you want more information, please contact me.

Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

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