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Unseen Worlds…Your Inner World

Creating Connection, Collaboration, Community

The next subject “They” wish to speak about was downloaded to me.  Here it is:

“In the previous segment, Unseen Worlds as Guide, Protector, Assistance, we provided you with information to awaken your knowledge of your body’s unseen world of the immune system.  We need you to recall that your immune system is a complex world with many hidden buttons which influence its ability to function in a balanced state, managing the needed organisms’ colonies within necessary for health of the body.  The immune system is also connected to, in community and collaboration with, your inner world.  It is this unseen world we wish to discuss today.

Your inner world is also a multifaceted power center for successful and balanced living on Earth.  It is the world that guides, protects, assists, and supports you, provided it is not connected with other inner worlds from other organisms, humans, animals.  All life, humans, animals, rocks, plants, interdimensional intelligence is connected via the intergalactic web of energy, Infinite Consciousness.  We are all tethered via light bonds that bind consciousness throughout time and space.  We are bonded to you via these light bonds and so as you read this you absorb not just the intellectual understanding, but we are infusing deeper knowledge into you as you digest these words.

The words we select via the medium and their order provide a vibration to assist you in understanding our information on all levels of your being.  Today we wish to “ping” your inner world, so you reconnect with it and allow it to be opened and moved into change in order that the stagnant flow of energy worldwide is finally shifted into full 5-Dimensional frequency, thereby freeing the enslavement ties from 3D life.

Your Inner World is the deep aspects of yourself from which you create all the things, situations, and other manifestations which you consider your physical reality.  The type of location of your home, the kinds of interactions you create, all the environmental surroundings you live with day to day are first created from your Inner World.  This is the land of the only reality that creates your outer reality.  If you first create it in the Inner World, then it will manifest on your outer landscape; the part your physical body interacts with every day.  It is not your imagination; it is more than that.  It is a world within you.

heal your inner world
healing in 2021

If you are finding some things or situations in your outer world distasteful, this tells you that your inner world has conflict, imbalance or other upset that requires you to journey to that location in your inner world to resolve the reason for the outer world upset.  You have been misled to believe that if the outer world is not to your liking that you must do physical things to change this apparently physical manifestation.  As nothing is physical but is a printout of the energy that birthed it, doing physical things to attempt to make change to the outer world manifestation will do nothing except exhaust you. Perhaps you have, prior to present time 2021 on Earth, had success with making changes with what you thought were doing physical things to change physical surroundings.  But if you examine your work to make these changes you will find that it came from what you were able to connect to within you.  Also, if you feel this was not what you did, the fact that those successes were had during a 3D vibration on Earth was another reason for those successes.

We implore you to examine, however, the extent to which you were completed and happy with these changes or where they’re aspects that weren’t quite right which required you to continue to adjust or maintain those aspects of the new manifestations?

This is what happens when the inner world isn’t fully balanced; the outer world doesn’t manifest completed and sovereign so as to be a base from which newer and better manifestations can birth with zero effort.

The inner world is the inner sanctuary of your heart-mind-soul and it can be influenced by outer pressure to conform.  From these conditioned responses and how they have altered the landscape of your inner world, is where the errors in your creation of the outer world have occurred.

It may also be that you had to exert great effort to create your previous mostly successful manifestations.  This exhausting level of effort is not necessary when you first correct the imbalances in your Inner World.  It was erroneously conditioned into you to believe that great effort is the only way to produce desirable results. In the coming months and years this belief system will be torn down as creating and manifesting what you need and want will become fascinating, exciting,  energizing and require zero effort.

Going Inward: Becoming Sovereign

The New Age which has dawned in energy fabric of Earth life is requiring you to strengthen in ways which you are unaware and unaccustomed to practicing.  The Inner World needs to be understood, learned, and applied to your life if you wish to transcend the chaos of what is left in the mass mindset of the old age.  Foremost in learning about your Inner World is to learn about what it means to become Sovereign.

We are moving into a time of living from the heart, of oneness and of freedom. The energies that support these ways of being already exist, but you must take your physicalness and make new choices to bring the physical you to meet the new fabric of energy. Thus, to be truly free, you must be free from within FIRST.  It might sound counterintuitive but to be free from within the first thing to do is learn boundaries; who we are in the energy of who we are.  When we learn who we are in our energy selves, then we can learn what we offer to this world, and community of this world, which then allows us to be able to interact with other energies which will be of higher and different frequencies from us from the universe all over.

In essence, to learn your boundaries means to know where you leave off and another begins.  Oneness is not the blurring of lines between us.  Oneness is sovereign individuals, thereby empowered and fully cognizant of their abilities and gifts they offer the world, acting with connection, community, and collaboration with other sovereign individuals.

healing with energy

Boundaries are about learning the qualities and unique interests, fascinations individuality of yourself/soul.  If you have lived for many decades already, it will be helpful to first accept the fact that you have not been guided correctly as to how to find out who you are.  For at least 7 decades, your educational system has, without your conscious knowledge, pigeonholed your thinking into being about roles and “what we will do to earn a living” based upon your intellectual intelligence. That intelligence does not include your higher self-intelligence and all it has to offer and teach us about the deeper aspects of who you are and why you are here.

Learning boundaries is uncomfortable

 and might feel difficult at first

but is not insurmountable. 

It is about learning about the energy of you, how it feels and about who you are, where you are from in the universe, what fascinates you. From there you can through your “knowing” sensory skill intuit your life’s calling,  purpose and offering to the world.  In most cases, what you realize you want to be doing will not be on a college course catalog list of majors which lead you to a list of prescribed and accepted careers. Don’t let this deter you.  It will be needed because it will be your unique talent and ability and it will be rewarded with abundance.

Learning about your unique self and boundaries is also about acting with respect for other’s boundaries and the role they are in for you in that moment.  The ONLY way to learn about yourself is to spend time “alone” in reflection, writing, speaking out loud to yourself, meditation and learning to accept guidance from the intelligence that is the living energy around you.  The word “alone” is in quotes in the previous sentence because in fact you are NOT alone when you are in isolation/solitude.  Just because you cannot visually, YET, see them, many life forms of higher dimensional intelligence are all around you and all you have to do is ask them to help you understand something, and then be quiet, sit in a place of stillness, not listening as you do with your ears but merely BEING in the stillness and receiving guidance by being present.

To be present means, as the recent blog post, Rules and Miracles points out, means to stop the thoughts about the past or the future and simply BE, breathing in the moment observing all the energy, fragrances, objects in that moment as they each occur in serial. Immerse in a state of being.  You literally just request the thoughts which keep you from the moment, stop.  Request they be left where they are so you can be.   Movement can be helpful but not to an extreme.  Washing dishes or taking out the trash is living in the moment because these are details which must be handled in the moment, require a certain presence of mind.  And yet, because you have done them before, they are a kind of moving meditation that can cause the brain to settle and the other senses to open in order to receive the guidance you requested from the unseen intelligence (which is all around you waiting to impart to you the guidance, support, assistance and understanding about yourself) which you must seek to become whole, or sovereign.

It is from these moments that you will begin to learn about yourself.  You may learn that you have beliefs which stand in the way of learning about yourself.  Beliefs such as “in order to be a good (fill in your role of daughter, mother, father, son, employee here) I have to stop being alone and go do xxxxxxx for them”.  You may learn that you don’t believe in unseen intelligence and that when you are alone you just feel sad and disconnected from life.  These are beliefs which are illusions into which you have all been conditioned to live from and will fall away, if you persist in FAITH of desire to become whole in order to become part of the new fabric of the new earth’s heart centered, oneness and freedom.

As you move through this quieting, releasing and sorting process, you will require some tools in your tool bag when you become stuck in an emotion and some aspect of won’t let it go.  Simple tools to begin with are changing your focus in the moment as was  mentioned earlier such as dealing with mundane chores. Others are simple things like taking a walk in solitude in nature or deepening, (sitting longer in or requesting higher intelligence help) your meditation.

Meditation which at first is about clearing the mind into stillness and the body into release, eventually becomes active meditation.  Active meditation can only happen once the mind and body have been released and are in stillness and peace.  Active meditation is about you becoming free in your energy body to experience and interact with disincarnate intelligence be they your ancestors, friends you knew before they transitioned to live without a body, higher intelligent life from other stars, planets, galaxies whom have never had a body or historically known to you intelligence such as Buddha or Gandhi.   All of the “other” life in the unseen world is multidimensional and has higher intelligence because they are without the limitations of the human brain and therefore have not only a “bird’s eye” view but a 360° and “up and down” the ages of life perspective as well.  They are therefore “higher” in intelligence than then the human brain can comprehend merely because they can literally see it all.

The changes, and even chaos you experience now on Earth, and the rise in frequency of the Earth right now, is the time which is challenging all humans to ready them for  becoming part of the freedom and oneness of ALL community, not just earth based civilization.

Your Inner World, creates your Outer World 100% of the time. 

As all human’s inner worlds are linked, by the light bonds and so together you create the outer world wars or societal conflicts which face you until you each, individually, go within to the Inner World with your unique ancestral history and make creative change to the landscape and story within.  Then as each of you do this, you will co-create a better, more appealing outer world/reality that suits the collective desires, which are actually, mostly, the same desires just colored a bit differently person to person.

In order to make adjustments, changes, alterations to your inner world, after you begin to learn your boundaries, you must learn how to bypass the over-conditioned protector-self aspect of the human brain.  The past 100 (maybe 1,000) years on Earth, rogue ego driven forces have cunningly driven you to disconnect from your inner world and taught you to focus, brain first, on what the outer world is telling you is real and correct for success.  They taught you that your ability to memorize and repeat facts and figures, that have many falsehoods about them, was vogue for success.  This is because the ego’s intent was to control.  Most of you have stories which can tell the tale that this was a blatant lie well crafted to direct you into their misled, disheartened, greed driven untrue reality which provided them with success and your enslavement to their illusional reality.  To create a new reality, a free society, you must soothe the part of your brain which was trying to protect you from the overt physical harm this non-reality was trying to do to your heart-based, higher self-guided,  human truth.

It was by their design that they asserted intellectual left brain dominant, successful test takers would be the only truly successful humans.  This made all humans strive for this non-reality ideal which created stress for even those who happened to be born naturally strong in left brain pursuits.  Even those of you who have been successful in these intellectual areas come to realize as you age that true knowledge and wisdom comes from allowing in the heart and Higher Self to balance the intellect.  But because this was not supported in your young life and early years of career, your work may have missed key pieces and reached road blocks many times over your career.

It was by their design that they asserted intellectual left brain dominant, successful test takers would be the only truly successful humans.  This made all humans strive for this non-reality ideal which created stress for even those who happened to be born naturally strong in left brain pursuits.  Even those of you who have been successful in these intellectual areas come to realize as you age that true knowledge and wisdom comes from allowing in the heart and Higher Self to balance the intellect.  But because this was not supported in your young life and early years of career, your work may have missed key pieces and reached road blocks many times over your career.

Healing Energy

For those without the natural talent for left brain pursuits, they too were stressed in more areas believing themselves valueless and without esteem.  These right brained more creative individuals were and are the group who will now shine and excel as they already have the connections 5D living requires.  This group will have an easier time connecting to their inner worlds and easier time accepting the changes and new sensory skills as they percolate to the surface to enable easy and joyful manifesting in the Earth’s new free society.

Both groups of individuals described above have an overly strong protector self but for different reasons. The protector self, gnostic region of your brain is the pattern keeper of your life’s choices. It has been well conditioned by the rogue ego’s and it’s distress acts as a wall that must come down in order to reconnect and immerse in your Inner World’s truth.

Bringing down this wall, means to first accept that its job was not to keep you from knowing who you really are but that it was merely trying to keep you safe, in the best way it knew how until now.  Now, as you ask it to step aside and allow the heart-mind and Higher Self to balance and work with it rather than it working against these two other equally important intelligences, you must do so with kindness.  Remember that it is the most exhausted part of your brain and body and because of it’s hard work it deserves respect and appreciation.  It is oversensitive due to it’s exhaustion and when you are getting frustrated with your attempts to connect with your Inner World, don’t become mad at it or threaten it as this will make its wall against your other intelligences stronger.

Changing the imperfections, glitches, imbalances and untrue beliefs held in your inner world requires some detail work.  It isn’t, as some more visible recent and new age pontiffs might have espoused as simple as I will just change my mind about this belief so that I can get what I need in my outer world. 

It isn’t about a mantra.

Yes, awareness is necessary that there is a glitch in your belief causing your outer world to manifest in a less than desirable way, but awareness is merely the beginning

The details are found when you examine how and from what circumstances your body and mind decided to form and then accept this belief. 

The who is likewise important.  In fact, there will be a number of who’s perhaps going back generationally.  This is especially true when you see that your parent taught you this belief and it formed their imperfect outer reality and it has likewise effected yours when your beliefs consciously and obviously  differ from your parents.  This sort of deeper processing requires that you are well acquainted with the vast knowledge your higher self and soul have to share. 

It also requires that you are connected to your soul and higher self and accept that they are connected to the infinite library of records that can provide you with even greater details that will help your body’s storage system of fascia, cellular and epigenetics release and transform this belief into what you consciously already want to project into your outer world.   Then, through the processes of passive meditation  leading to active meditation and ego-less connection with your higher selves, is when the download of the details will occur for you to then process consciously. This is when creating a new life individually, and then collectively with the energy becomes a breeze and a joy.

Healing Energy

Once you are able to be sovereign in your creative abilities then your co-creative efforts to change larger outer structures as a community begin to open.  It is from and with your connection and collaboration with others the building of new structures which support the human being as their main focus, rather than a single group of egos trying to vampire off of society; it happens effortlessly and perfectly.   This is how the earth will heal and repair and return to the paradise it was originally designed to be by Super Consciousness eons ago.

You cannot and will not co-create to serve to the greater good by jumping over this step of self-responsibility and self-healing of your Inner World. You must become sovereign or there will be cracks in the foundation of the new community you create.

Healing Energy for your inner world

Please stay tuned for the next segment of Unseen Worlds.  Sending you all the encouragement to take the deep dive into your Inner World to find the treasures you never knew you wanted to have.”

If you have questions, comments or need some specific individual guidance as to your particular issues in learning to process your imbalances through what the Collective has shared above, please contact me at my email address listed on my website.  Namaste.

Healing your inner world with energy

Author: Bethann Vetter

Bethann Vetter is a Holistic Therapist, Medium and Teacher. She uses frequency balancing tools via her Mediumship in Trance skills to locate and provide the frequencies your unique set of imbalances requires. She uses her own subtle energy body technique, Epigenetic Reprogramming to help you clear subconscious level blocks. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for specific cellular level healing. Classes are available in active meditation skills such as mediumship and trance healing skills. Trance Healing sessions called QHHT© are also offered. Her frequency balancing ability works similar to the way Edgar Cayce worked. She tunes in to your issues and provides you with the necessary information, substances you might need as well as adjusting your frequency to a higher harmonic level. Her work is done by appointment only at a distance or in her office in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

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