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The entire world’s population in 2021 has forgotten what love is about and how we get it. It has forgotten how to love and respect each other or we would not be violating one another’s rights to choose, to think and believe what we want and to move about as we want.

Read on for more on love as a state of being.

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The Mirror of Life and Relationships

I have been shown that we live from patterns which then sets up the mirror to help us break them to live more from ease and grace. I have been shown that we will attract the same energy in what appears in body to be a different person or animal to learn the lesson and break the pattern. Hence the reason for serial divorce. The 3D world is one of illusion. It’s the energy within/behind the physical manifestation that is reality, not the physical form in front of you. You might think you are marrying a different person but hidden within them/behind them, is the same issue you had with the person you divorced or the parent you struggled with. Soon you are dealing with conflict once again which may end, yet again, in divorce or worse yet, you give up and give in to the pattern and it bring dis-ease.
This framework is a complex subject. This post will only touch upon the beginning of understanding how it operates to help you grow and evolve…

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Operating the Mirror of Life

Going within, to the inner world, as Gandhi said, is the only way to resolve conflict. If conflict exists in the world you are perceiving with your physical eyes, or within your physical body, then conflict exists within your inner world. The only way to resolve this conflict is to embrace a “birds eye view” and new framework for healing this conflict and resulting imbalance. Not much else has ever worked in our lifetime to completely resolve conflict. So why not try this method?

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Reboot your body and life for Autumn

Nancy Robbins, an amazing healer and medium, whose specialty includes working with very high vibrational intelligence, has provided us with a wonderful meditation and visualization I found so powerful I had to share it with you. The instructions are below.

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